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But that's a woman at the end of the day she came be solely with me 'cause i hit the financial level that she want in a man so that's when she go home she get out my bed she go home he was filling the different needs exactly fellas young women way too much of power energy with this with this sweating them i see it all the time on instagram y'all all under the pay oh my god you this you all is gassing females yar these females and then got wonder why y'all get played of course go ahead i wanna ask because one two three four five five of us here actually in a relationship okay i wanna eggs littles now you hear if he was to date some woman and she explained that post to you how would you feel about that why would you gotta say 'cause you're not you're not relationship correct right now okay your damn business i really she said to me that that don't talk to me okay this ain't the relationship of being right right i grew up in a household where everything was fifty the no no my mom made more than my dad but he was still still a man of his own exactly so say something real quick and your dad probably was a guy's guy meaning meaning that she she wasn't with him because his salary was way him because it a man he was these women specialized he's young women because they they have bad teachers in these broken mom everything that's what i wanted to so hastily speak on him from experience just based off with things that i've seen as and as an adult when women are in the situation where they i'm not going to say oh the time but majority of the time when they're worried about a main his spines you situation is because the stuff that they seen in the pace with their own exactly where he was in the picture or if he was in the picture and he had gambling troubles or just nothing nothing all the mother was bad mouth in him these females that hey.

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