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To 1 to even their best of five. Siri's at a game apiece. You know, there's no panic there, the confident group they believed in in one another and, Ah, You know, and they control what they can You know that they do a real good job of just staying in the moment. You know they're not going to dwell on on the past and they're certainly not going to get get ahead of ourselves. Sydney Crosby scored 4.5 minutes into the first period. Jason Zucker with 5.5 minutes left in the third. And after yes, bury Kat. Kenya made it to the one with 209 left in the third J against will hit the empty net to clinch it Mad. Marie made 26 saves 13 of those in the third period. Game three is tomorrow night at eight. Pirates blue for nothing lead in Minnesota loss to the Twins five before I mean, you know we had the lead and and we did a couple of things that the police back and I think one of the things that I was put ourselves in a situation where we execute and because of our lack of execution, good teams took advantage of that. Derek Sheldon got a home run from cold Tucker to start the game. But Tucker also misplayed a line drive into a two run double. In the Twins for run sixth inning, Derek Holland had crews to that point. He was relieved by Miguel Del Pozo, who walked all three batters he face and he also while pitched and the tying run. Nick Burdi, then gave up a walk off single day Nelson Cruz in the ninth. Joe must grow, will try to snap a five game losing streak this afternoon at 2 10 on the fan from Minnesota at the Sports desk. I'm Jim Colony, NewsRadio, 10 20 Katy K. Sports Online on video and on your radio. It's the Katy K Radio Morning Show it Larry, Richard and Kevin Battle. If you suffer from cancer due to workplace exposure to asbestos, you may be entitled to compensation searched. G p w law.

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