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I'm Bill Werner at the state capital today. Representative Fortman seventy three votes, Representative doubt fifty four votes. I therefore declare Representative Portman duly elected speaker of the house of representatives for the twenty nine thousand nine hundred twenty twenty sessions. Democrat Representative horrid man of Brooklyn park takes over for previous house speaker Republican curt doubt, who is now minority leader Hartman says education healthcare, economic prosperity gun violence prevention and changing, the standard on sexual assault are among House Democrats priorities. This. I hereby call the Senate to order governor. Tim walls is push to increase the gasoline tax front and center as the legislature opens its twenty nine hundred Republicans who control the state Senate or saying no to a gas tax hike. It will increase costs across the board for everything for everyone is not what we needed this time. We don't need it. We can do better than that know lake Senator Roger Chamberlain governor walls responds Minnesota needs eighteen to twenty billion dollars over the next twenty years to maintain its transportation system. He says Republicans have not sad how they'll get to that number. If you want to propose tolling if you want to propose tax, then let's have those debates and let the people of Minnesota and the Minnesota Twins today announced they are retiring Joel mccower is number on the fifteenth of June. That's the latest. This is Minnesota news network. Here's a not so fun. Oversee percent of people over fifty years old have some sort of localized period, Donald disease. Those folks need to know about bio laser treatment. I'm Dr Karl Anderson of sedation in implant dentistry as laser laws meet perform Berdahl surgery without.

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