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More demonization will be the themes of his presidency. He's only mention of Donald Trump was to say how disappointed his supporters must feel on that he'd be a president for all Americans. But much of the address was an implied rebuke to the current occupant of the White House. His most immediate priority would be to form a working party to deal with the Corona virus pandemic that would be driven by science. He'd fight racial injustice, Climate change. He'd be inclusive. Whether he'll succeed or not, is another question. But make no mistake. He wants to chart a very different course for the still most powerful country in the world. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Donald Trump has yet to concede and has not spoken publicly since his defeat was announced while he was playing golf, his continued to assert on Twitter that he won Tuesday's vote. Mr. Trump is the first U. S president for nearly 30 years not to win a second term his campaign team which his alleged electoral fraud plans to pursue legal action. Listening to world news from the BBC. Celebrations have been continuing and cities across the United States There was a party atmosphere near the White House in Washington as Mr Biden supporters cheered and sang. We are the champions in New York, people banged pots from their windows and balconies while car horns blared. Have been similar scenes elsewhere, including in Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta on New Orleans. World leaders have congratulated Joe Biden on his victory, although there's been no word so far from Russia or China. The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, described Mr Biden's win as spectacular. In other news, long queues of voters have formed in Myanmar, which is holding only its second Democratic election after half a century of military rule on San Souci is National League for Democracy is favorite to win another five year term. Since its victory in 2015. There's been widespread persecution of rich ginger Muslims, Jonathan head reports. Myanmar's ethnic minority populations are likely to vote for their own parties. This time robbing the National League for Democracy of Seats in border areas. In Rakhine state Muslim RA hinges, many still confined to camps. Are once again barred from voting box. The NLD is likely to do well in the majority Burmese Heartland, where uncensored cheese reputation has held up on where the main opposition is a military backed party, which is not likely to perform well. She is near certain TTO win enough seats for another term of office and continue her uneasy coexistence with the still powerful armed forces. The British.

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