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Ones have they've done? You know, we've got this one right here. Also, some local news comic palooza, which will be, it's actually money in the bank weekend. Bounce two wrestlers that are going to be doing autographs and signings. A brick brick brick, brick Baker DMD. You down down. Joe will be there and William choice in reso. Oh yeah, you may know him as Jay reso or Christian Christian Cage. Yeah, Christian Cage, get damaged. So now I gotta go just to like be like faith has made. You never any on the show ended like this? Like oh yeah you got fifty dollars. You're right. You won't answer my dance anymore. Got birth. Right? What happened to make fun of your friends do much, right? So that's funny. All right, hands are rumors. Brewed Kevin Owens win, respect the universal title, maybe Balor Club to finally get a second member James Brock Lesnar willingly Works. A full schedule, know how long is WrestleMania will be in Saudi Arabia. Yeah so WWE has advertised for Smackdown in Houston, Texas on July 16th. Also, Sasha Banks. Yeah, that could also be complete bullshit. Cuz you know, they do not I'm trying to change, although the edge is my current pick for money in the bank. You know, winter will WWE advertising off my order Center advertised Edge. Yeah, also, Dave Meltzer reports that WWE is trying to get John Cena at that Smackdown as well and seen as Peacemaker series wraps. In on July 6th. So, it could happen. Okay. Would they still go them or they just cheer cuz was happy to be there. They probably still do John Cena's. I mean, that's up to us, right? We're going to be there. So what do you want to do with? How much your people people love Kurt Angle and they still said you suck? If they hit his music, there's going to be a huge pop, a hunch pop like then Cena song. I'm so fucking dumb fans. What what again what 50 * 162? What I guess I guess. Joe loves the Thunderdome. Oh my God, yeah, no, I hate it. Cuz they just do it again. There just to speak fancy singing. I'm so fucking dumb. I just wrote the other picture taken out of context. Going to take her final. Yeah, didn't take it off, said it. If you want to say, like if you like to kiss your mother, say what what? It's like. Yeah, that's what I thought, right? Also ringside news reports that WWE was paid more than one Marion dollars fog. Voting Army of the dead at WrestleMania background. I guess they hadn't seen the movie yet. I mean. Yeah, that makes sense, right? There's a million hadn't seen it off. Just millions of people. There's, there's millions of people around the globe at least watching it right? And, you know, you have a fucking match that you had a whole match to promote the movie Netflix, right? So much money. You know, also Sports Illustrated reports that SummerSlam will take place in Las Vegas and they were also the first to report that money think was going to happen in Texas. So they were right on that and it seems like they'll probably be right and record a guy bottom-right Sports Illustrated Sports Illustrated? I, who are you? Who even Huger? No, no. One wears glasses online. Can you see the Mets? Won it came last week. They still have. No, it's not above the internet. I mean, yeah, they're just for the swimsuit issue. I did see that they're supposed To be like a big boxing match that Saturday before SummerSlam in Vegas, so I don't know if they'd want to compete. Compete. Like that. Is that is that Wilder? And Fury Three, I think so, I doubt it is the date that I guess. 20 seconds. No fury. And Wilder is July 24th. There's something in on like the 21st and what's the big deal? If it's the night before because they don't want to be the Lesser attended show off? Yeah, so just make up the number though. Well, you does $50, certainly displays. Can only only thirty thousand people, a numeric thousand cross 23. We lock people come in. We kicked him out, we live where people live, by the word, just saw their Collision in North Korea, episode off Darkstar the ring. And it said that they had attendance of a hundred ninety thousand people. And we actually just went. Oh, hold on. We went over the Wrestlemania. 32 numbers 20300. We were wrong. We were wronged by over 200,000. First time in history. That million people in a building. Yeah, that episode. By the way, was insane. What is it called? I'm like chatting with. It's about the WCW doing a show in North Korea. Yeah, in the nineties. Yeah, yeah, it was insane. Oh, are we going to page? I'll be there. I will be here. Like I say, it's Vegas TBD. All right, that is all I got for rumors so I guess it's trivia time showing Eric tearing up Vegas. Oh yeah, yep. I put it in the Terran, The Ripping and the tearing you and mocks. Yeah, right. Serial simply who is the active WWE who's on the active W wrong with the most career matches. But active roster active wrestlers, only Orton, no, good guess. I think Ziggler Ziggler is Crown think he's, I think he's got to be too then. Yeah, I know, he's not, I think, Gordon's for, I think Ziegler's closing in on. If you say cane, I'm, I'm in the shit. The big not active Rock. Big Show. Yeah, but he said, no, no, he's the phone number one active, but he's closing in on Big Show for second place. Really, really soon, like, he'll be there soon. I'm not sure who's number one. You mean number to know number? One, big shows number to Mastiff. He is the number. To my God, I said Ziegler's number one active. He's closing in on Big Show for the all-time matches. Okay. All right fan questions. Jake Baker, bush, library, people to replace Adnan virk, Jeff, Mauro ranallo, Tom Phillips or nobody and let Cory and Byron do it by themselves. Fire that you heard my vote. I would float fire and Nala. I, I would push Ronaldo and home buyer option Barre Phillips because he's like, Michael Cole Jr. I know. But Ronaldo, I can't do every week for three hours. Yeah, I would notice are tulips Allen Kim. It has there ever been an instance where wrestler has been watching a match from ringside and someone from that match? Hasn't been thrown into the wrestler watching no, forcing it happened once. No Object, you know your hi. Justin Stewart, what's the best outcome? You could think of to the MS, getting eaten by zombies? I don't know if possible to book. Yeah. Right. What's the best outcome?.

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