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They don't have the money or the possibility of bringing him back here next year, so they're pretty much The one in black, her junior likely in Pittsburgh this year, so saying that he might be motivated to have that big here, go get cashed out at the end of the year. I love the make a Fitzpatrick trade on. I don't know how it played out in Pittsburgh, but I beat out here when I saw it. I said this is This is a a win and a big win for Pittsburgh, and I look at their secondary with him and I look at I look. Att Joe Hayden, who I still think has gas left in the tank. I really do. But the Steelers have had trouble with that secondary. Oh, throughout the course of the last seven years. I mean, they've been rotating guys in and out Ever since Paul Amato left, they look like they've been looking for a leader back there. I tend to think That this is settled down a bit. Now that's from the outside. Looking in your on the inside, is it? Is it better? Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you're looking at five years of absolute disaster where they didn't know who was going to be out there, let alone Whoever was out there wasn't very good. One they did of a border trying go hate when the Browns Who knows why the Browns cut him. I mean, brows kind of three years ago, they picked him up. They're able to get even felt last. Nobody much knows about him. But, yes, stellar state he's allowed here. Me and numbers right up there with some of the best corner the league and I'm talking. You know Stefan Gilmore's intraday via white type of guys, and then you make a Fitzpatrick and what he got traded here last year. 50 people were A majority of the moor up step because they thought the feelers we're going to a 14 and they were throwing away a potential cornerback like to our orginal thorough, so it took a couple games for people to finally get on board with Mika. But he was able to, you know, galvanized that back into the very smart individual and Craig Venter filled her type of guy, so I think the least part of their worries. Is the secondary Now. I mean, might want to look inside, guys say Okay, good. But who else But that defense is pretty good for the party. I mean, you got people walked by the freeze back. You got it. All that secondary bag got Devon Bush had a great year. They were two. It's that me if they could just match last here, which is because they have or exactly 35 turnovers. They Mak that in at your office going to slip into that? That's why there's so much Not with the Steelers might have a pretty decent you know, this year, Michael Ball, leave the Steelers. Ah vite writer for the athletic dot com Our guest here on 700 wlw. Can you think of Amore quarterback centric division than the A F C North with Jackson may feel Roethlisberger and Joe Burro. I can't think of another division. That has that kind of talent. That position, can you? Ah, No, I'm not. Not now. Maybe we go back. If you know, maybe late eighties. If the D A. That point telling Dan Marino's type of player but not now, not comparing these guys to whole families, but definitely go one All Famer and rough burger. You and M v p in labarre. Baker, who could be good. Could not be good in borough of attraction of the season. You had another few. One thing you have to say about him is how around around him. A lot of playmakers Sure is going to help them. I like it. Big question now is the office of Mine there gave protect for him. But, yeah, I mean, there's three housing trophy winner right there in the division and potentially the whole. The whole Famer is not hide from you. Don't you don't see that. There's no market Bali athletic dot com. You can read him right now. It is, in my opinion, the best investment in sports journalism. Listen, Mark. Thank you so much will catch you up in the season. How about that? Like in any time. You know, The other thing that the Steelers did in the off season is they addressed tight end and I don't know if this is flying below the radar appear in the fantasy football. It certainly isn't. But they went with Vance McDonald for what? 34 years and there was nothing there. They went outside Eric Ebron. What this guy I want to say in his career at Indianapolis. Like 27 touchdown catches. And he runs just really these precision routes. And I've been reading at least the comments of Mike Tomlin say he's just he's just he's been a bear to cover for their defense in training camp. Now again, all of this is against other Steelers. It's not against other teams. It's like the Bangles everything. They're doing all the platitudes that air coming out of training camp. It's against other players on their team, so we're not really going to know. Until we get to this Thursday night, and then next Sunday, whether or not all of this that we're hearing is true. We'll finally get to find out but I look at their offense, and I think Schuster has got I I'm not convinced that guy as a number one Bonified flat out, Justus Cobolli said. A guy that you look at and say, Wow, what do we do with him? I think he was largely a product of what Antonio Brown did when he was there, but we'll see. We'll see. And as I said they address wide receiver in the draft this year to Ebron could be the real X factor there in a team that has always Always employed the tight end. Ah, lot in its offense will find out I'd say Well, I can't wait for Thursday night. I really can't You probably can't either. It's coming up on 11 20 news radio 700 wlw. Assisting you.

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