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All like the block, Kenny Bell, Rando money, Ill. Those guys love blocking man, so they do a good job down feeling. He broke that pocket. They had their guys blocked his Travis foot, collect with a nice block, first and goal. Nebraska from The eight yard line. Was a 39 yard run high formation here. Mills is the tailback. He will take the handoff running left side inside the five and he falls forward for a couple of extra yards, maybe to the three Warner. Get involved in the tackle second goal. Don't be sore tonight. Be sore. He's good job 64 tackles a year ago. Second on this team, he might get that many. In the first couple of weeks of the season Mills to the left of Martinez out of the gun. And a hand off to Mills tries to cut back at the three and then he just got wrapped up pard Rick Smith, one of those that try to bend Mills backwards, Tough. Borland, the middle linebacker, combined on a technical for no gain on a physical plane there they had that slipped out. I tried to get wide on them after a run of the mill a couple times. Ohio State defense was up to challenge the line down third and goal from the four. Martinez has two receivers to the mound. Robinson comes in motion stops It returns, Martinez looks to throw fires in the zone and it was incomplete. Wide open was Kate Warner. And the Huskers could not execute. That's an understatement. Saying wide open he was in a parking lot by himself. Just missed right through his fingertips. Warner was trying to jump reach back a little bit to his life. One around No. One. It's fourth and goal. He kind of try 22 yard field goal from the far half playing snap and hold the kick from the El issue. Transfer is going By the way, our announcer he myself were spotted. Everybody called them on Dale Roberts. Every time someone catches the runs, it makes the tackle. He's got the wrong guy. But trust me, that was Kate Warner, who couldn't make the catch and we've got a time out on the field. 38 17, Ohio State leads Nebraska will be back to the horseshoe. In a moment you're listening to the college football game of the week on the touchdown radio network. I'm pretty sure New House might be haunted. Well, things you say that the furniture is levitating on the ghost. Welcome. Yeah, that's best bookie..

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