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So you so the last thing he wants to see if this bike but right out says it's not so much a spike as it is a restructuring we're collecting the amount that we would have collected it both entries but we only have to pay for one that's a DOT director Peter LVD speaking with NBC tends Jean bell Asante I particular locations where increasing the total amount but we only did that because we eliminated and a location where we would have been collecting that toll anyone LVD explains one raise already went into effect at the tolling location on the six ten connector last fall we're only one gantry went up despite plans for two he says in the end it all equals out still capped at twenty dollars per day to drive the length of ninety five and forty dollars for trucks going back and forth regardless of how many times it will be used for the same purpose is to reconstruct bridges the Rhode island's trucking associations president Christopher Maxwell declined to speak but still calls this change up part of a quote scheme he says to take money from businesses consumers and taxpayers saying the Oxford Street bridge is specifically quote didn't need to be prioritized as part of the plan but was chosen for revenue generating purposes and quote this is the news radio nine twenty one oh four seven daily rewind with Ron Saint Pierre a senior care services eleven here's what's happening build a mandate towing cars illegally parked in handicapped spaces in Rhode Island head of the house the Senate passed the bill which calls for vehicles to be told at the owner's expense plus stiff fines what a weathered vise refer northwestern road runner from eleven o'clock tonight till nine AM tomorrow snow and sleet will likely over spread.

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