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Is saying like couple of stuff you remember from the. I remember everything from that night. Like everything everything. They separated because my dad cheated on my off. I don't know like was not a good husband. But he was always a good father like before when they were together he would always like to the house really Not really sober. Sorry us hard to talk so he wasn't sober no he was clearly not silver pick. The dow was just like seeing like out loud. Like oh my goddess. Like bunch lane arguing with my mom and then when mom was like arguing. Whitewash your back. I don't love her. But i know he was and maybe she was too. I just had enough of them. Arguing soul. I ran downstairs like went downstairs and like i saw my dad Drinking a gallon of milk and my mom was sitting there. Just crying and maggie was with her and my dallas apologizing to my mom like. I'm sorry like another chance. I'm so sorry. Mom said no like she like no way to know and then i was like why not mom give him one more chance and my mom's like no no no affecting me so much. I know i was mad at my mom really you my dr like oh my god have to change schools now. I can't wanted to go to school author on this one that i don't wanna go. I love the people are going to be mean to me and like thousand all these people like i don't know what to do. I don't wanna quarter of this foyer onto the school. I don't want to like i don't wanna move like i like where i live now and like. I don't want move away from here. San maggie found out that they have a little brother from their dad's other relationship. Cynthia went to stay with their aunt. Maggie and their mom moved into a new place. That sounds like a lot of changes. Yes those kind of scarily was going to happen now like what's going to happen. That's why i was always asking what's going to happen so that's my fit home and life at school which is middle school at this point is also really hard so is in class and we were all sitting down. The was lecturing was l. A pink shirt and this person told me out of bugging my shirt. So i was like. Oh crap really. She's like yard. Check your shirt checked my shirt and it had a bug in my shirt and i got up quickly and i was like. Oh my god. I can't be happening. So i'd like literally got up really fast. In round to the rush of air everybody was laughing hysterically at me and i went to the bathroom and i'll sold embarrassed. Yeah and then. I went back to the classroom Off sorry how to use the restroom and everything it's fine. You know like that sucks. What happened to.

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