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As i note a couple of stories that that have interesting ramifications here one is in south dakota these are our state legislative stories in south dakota state representative tim goodwin republican wants to lower the drinking age for members of the military to eighteen in south dakota he says that the the bill says bars retailers could serve eighteen year old active duty reserve and national guard service members who show valid military id cards goodwin says that if someone is willing to fight a die for their country they should be treated as an adult which strikes me as imminently sensible and then i note in jackson mississippi where a state house committee doesn't want to require mississippians to be twenty one to buy tobacco products they mississippi house waves and means committee on a split voice vote has rejected a measure which would have increased the age to buy cigarettes and other products from the current age of eighteen states with ages above eighteen include alabama alaska and utah where it is nineteen to buy tobacco products california hawaii new jersey and oregon habit a twentyone tobacco control advocates also want mississippi's tobacco tax now sixty eight cents per pack in mississippi race to a dollar fifty a pack they say that a higher smoking age and higher taxes would deter use cutting future health costs and death well the tax part we can't talk about if you wish but to me the key part of these two stories is that ocean of age we've always had age as the principal basis by which we determine whether or not someone is mature enough to do something and i think for example we all recognize the fact that for example i grew up sixteen was the the age to get your driver's license in the state of missouri i got my license the.

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