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10,000 authorized local steel dealers. Find yours at steel USA dot com. 5 28. Traffic and weather on the 8s, how does traffic look at this early hour Jack? Well, I'm always scared to answer that question and fearing of a jinxing but for now, traffic moving very well. At least in Virginia, a ride in 66 Gainesville east to roslyn without delay, 95 as you leave falmouth headed north towards Springfield. We're a little crowded now in woodbridge, but that's kind of average at this hour. Three 95, you're wide open from the beltway, headed up toward the 14th. Looking good on the beltway itself between Alexandria and mcclain. There was some activity in the through lanes on the outer loop down around the Wilson bridge. I think even that tractor trailer has moved on. No worries to speak out along the greenway or the Delos toll road, no really hiccups along the George Washington Parkway. Good-looking trip downtown were quiet on the freeway. Third street tunnel, New York avenue, D.C. two 95, I two 95, everybody's looking good. In Maryland and no troubles yet at a Frederick run in two 70 south, heading toward the lane divide so far good topside outer loop from 95 over to Georgia avenue. Nice and quiet between the beltways for now on 95 in the Baltimore Washington Parkway. 50 you're fine between northeast and the bay bridge. East and westbound moving through Annapolis and buoy there was an earlier wreck reported eastbound on 7 O four as you ride out toward lots for vista road. You may still find authorities there if at all. We're in good shape out of southern Maryland. No worries as of yet north but en route four, headed out of Waldorf on 5 even two ten coming out of ackee cake back toward the beltway. Jack Taylor, WTO P traffic. Get out of storm team fours Mike stina. It's gonna be a great day, lots of sunshine, much lighter winds, highs mid upper 50s. Skies will cloud up tonight, loss will be in the 30s. Rain rolls

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