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Send it to you we have serene from worlds apart and zeke from game changers david you have to pick the person tenth vote ten business the person who is tenth place okay place sing that list here you guys have it now because you look at it on the on the screen behind you i am and jason jeff shane charene zeke who did the worst i guess is the is the question yeah i am going to i'm going to say jeff jeffress so jeff unfortunately david the worst on this list right she is seventh place i think this is again this might be a game that that rob got let me put them in order this the tenth placer was zeke glazer is the zeke that's your friend the night placer i believe is amanda the eighth place or i believe is shrinking the seventh placers jeff the six placer is jason and the fifth place shane rob if i was wearing a wigley wombats hat i would take my hat off to you i am not wearing a hat right now but that's i actually had a bell today so very good job magnus carlsen you like retain on no listen anybody listening to this show knows that that's not the case but those look those are the hard facts that i win the question is like which person said that something was going to be since ational was it you know we're we're talking to real facts here that usually that's that's my wheelhouse david wright thank i can't thank you enough for subjecting yourself to this week now requests fun i wish i did better i'm embarrassed.

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