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Off verse why it's a lot then i heard Future called though and and and futures like all good with with this with the sample and the whole thing. No endorsed you completely. So i just want you to know that you know even though he took to be without consulting anybody It's all good. As far as i gotta send basket or something. Some royalties y. No selling just wildly on i tunes and various places so local grammar schools school wherever music is sold. Put songs that short on itunes that either but they do ninety nine cents dot org fully a quarter. Only a quarter of only proof. You are my little movie buff. What genre of movies do you think consistently turns the biggest profit superhero movies superhero. Yeah i would've thought that too so even during the panoramic horror movies in very popular at the box office. Movie theaters have struggled to sustain momentum since opening last year. But that's not the case for hollywood's 2021 horror films for example candyman took the top spot taking twenty two million over the weekend and with smaller budgets compared to other john horror films. Don't have to make as much at the box office in order to turn a profit. That's i understand that. Yes some fake blood. And you're to go so they had like don't breathe to I don't know if it's a horror but The one with john kaczynski akin remember right now Place quiet My house people want to be distracted. Oh week voiced mortis nine today. They're making a movie about amy wine houses life. I'm excited for that. I love her and then a huge music festival was cancelled. Not for the pandemic. For another reason it's on french. Radio dot com christie's places pretty quick. 'cause she doesn't live there anymore. Yeah right exactly swatters place. Yeah you could probably just do. You can downsize. Now you know you gotta show for you gotta a barista cancelled my lease should mean still gotta pay canceling around here like your matt. Emailed me to say should be paulina. You can't hang with the that's a reference to Bursary saw reference to Whole seats montale do drew. The next thing will be a baby sheets will never see me again. Here for my man will never be seen. Because i know that you have. I am and you is. She referred to his chains hitting her in the face during yoga routines. If you have a a year one coming up coming up on a year we are coming up on a year I haven't really thought about that. I mean i've thought about bringing other single to the table marinate on that hopefully longer than twenty seconds this time. But you know that's fine. That's like forty five seconds dropped long songs anymore. Yeah the song might be forty five seconds but twenty of it is just instrumental. Have you got to talk to the song man. put it on. Take time we could see if we can make it a sound use. It latest single maslin how it is narrow. You heard it here first. Count as back to school. Dan back back to school yet back to school. Yeah back back to school. Got to chase that bag and make sure chase those bugs math gone. Yeah you know. Mass gone mask on. Yeah you know mask gone back to school. Yeah yeah back to school. Ted cnn haven't seen them it almost a year. Okay because you get to hang in the lunch through vows reading the crack and don't forget to wear. I saw that some teachers were asking for a clean version with the ass taken out of it so they can play for their students. Oh you should do that. Yeah what do i say. They'll get your butts a class. I guess yeah yourself the class on now. You're saying you're saying the kids can handle that on here. You could just take the word out. That doesn't change her style for anyone. Well that's a fact. What kind of shoes. They wear in high school what they can say like advanced the class. I don't know there you go do that because we answer. Very cool as we've learned learn velasco. What did you. I know you kristie kaelin but everybody. Did you ever go to any kind of college refueling with to broadcast school. But now that traditional sort of okay. What did you guys drink in college. What did you drinking college. Christie schmear enough invited the parties. Yeah when i was in sorority. I got invited to ever that yeah cooling college so c- And what was it for you. Not to surprise you While the other girls were drinking burnett. I was drinking rich and rare whisky rich and rare in our house. We find that was a discount brand. I assume or drinking it in high school and just kind of carried on over got all the sorority girls to eventually switch to whiskey. It was kind of a our in our polling. What was it for you. We said drinkers so gross mad. Twenty twenty four. Yeah dangerous still alive. Owner boehner is all about uv uv. Blue we were cheap beer and then L. gato negro red wine and coke. They do that in spain. Which believe it or not. It doesn't it may see all got negro tastes a lot better. I bring this up because our friends at natty light Have apparently launched their own vodka. Brand ill it's called natty. Light natty vodka. Why wouldn't it be called that It is natural light. New creation can be found in a dozen states features three different flavors lemonade. Strawberry lemonade and black cherry. Lemonade okay. Thirty percent alcohol by volume. So if you've ever been to a fred party know about natty light and now we can add to the collection Really sounds like pretty awful. Tasting natty light vodka. I have to say though there lemonade. Beer is delicious strawberry lemonade. It's so good because shandy. Did you just call strawberry lemonade drinking beer. I don't know but it's pink. With little flamingos on it. I i've been drinking a lot of that this summer refreshing. I thought i was going to hate. I only sweet soft by. It's like beer. Makes with like a little mattis. I love it big troughs of it in college and then we used to make this dis paunch and a trash trash can punch all my god. We call that. Pink panther droppers boy jungle juice. I've had to discuss the boxes of natty light and make your wallpaper. I was much classier than that. It was the empty bottles around your apartment because you were a man in college..

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