TOM, JOE, Diarrhea discussed on I Don't Get It - Episode 15: I Don't Get You: Sister's Edition w/ Lauren Iaconetti


Well this is the girl who doesn't eat anything like even the day after she thinks it's been poisoned lauren thinks everything raw look i have one time and i'm not again and again which time tom came out my but and my mouth at the same time we talk i guess did i ever tell you the story just because it's on the top of the food poisoning i'm gonna tell us you lauren had food poisoning from trader joe's lettuce and i said it to her by policies i was in a real health care like all eight was kale kale kale kale and lauren around killing it it was bad she had bad cal and then she like couldn't stop only wasn't even diarrhea was it it was diarrhea ashley but that wasn't there's more symptom suet dislike total weakness yes yeah it didn't come out of my mouth a the whole the only difference of food poisoning we had a new kids on the block concert and and we had front row second row yeah it was front row yeah and you're like i can't go i'm not going to go like mine got bucks go like there's that you have no option chapel you said something really really absurd said if if i had the food poisoning i would ink i would go you said near what happened that i got the food poisoning yup a couple of days later and she was on the floor utica the little i was like oh bitch what now would you go to the concert rgf adds a doctor as you guys know and so when i get a little hypo goal i go downstairs the basement which is like his man cave and i like crawl on the road and i'm like us i'm going to need to the hospital like don't you see this is a hospital where the ever agrees nothing is urban hostile were you get this.

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