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The PS five event happened. Today are as tomorrow somebody. Let me know because guess we'll be talking about tomorrow. You're GONNA get one. Yeah Yeah Yeah No. Of course. I'm about to blow a lot of money when it comes, I'm GONNA. Get the PS. Five in the XBOX came we. We call it the dehumidifier because I looks like xbox series x, one most redundant as titles at a that is out there. Oh tomorrow. Cool, thank you, thank you. Yeah, they're gonNA. Be Making some big announcements, the but yeah I mean since we talk about games and play them every nine. You gotta get one. I'll just I'll write off taxes. You know, but uh for work, but they've be talking about resident evil eight I think. That's right stuff out. They gotTa have the new resident evil got to. Got To have my POPs gotTa have resident evil. Talk. You walk down the street. Sleeveless Jean Jacket. No shirt. Look at the trouble Tom. A very busy sir. This. LS! With two. right is the last one you did. This. Dancing. A like a like. The for another.

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