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Ristori lighted states to have three championship teams of one year. That was out. And i m detroit red wings and also i detroit also journalists coming up. I would like to have these gentlemen Introduce themselves bit about it. And i would like to and thoughts and thirty five. So yeah so. That was kind of opening up the show. It's a it's a thirty five year old cassette that Bounced around your junk drawer for a while and Slightly different caliber of equipment. That you're grab it but it's It's good history to have your. Because i brought in the cassette is tom gaming. Company actually have a cassette player. I don't even know where you're going to hold it up to the mic. Hold your walkman up to listen to get ready for the show but you guys i was like keep me jamie can you. Can you take this cassette and turn it digitally like yeah i can do it. I'm like man that's all these guys. Turn a cassette into digital tweak. It all I'm not that i. We need to find an audio file. That bob guy you're talking about. He's good he's east. Greek connect with him and have him send it through the oscilloscope or whatever. I don't know. I'm just the guy that says particular stuff people go. Oh you're in radio. Radio i know i sit down and just say ridiculous stop. I don't really know what i'm doing when it comes to the rest of it. I'm just kind of guessing and fumbling along so you're picking up gene here. That was the best technology. Yeah twenty twenty. Needed your phone. Your phone is like a. It's like a hollywood style camera with the technology. Today isn't to me it's great. I'm afraid of buttons. So all right so you opened up the show and then you were able to talk to a few. the people and charles is. what was the first clip. That caught your attention. You know we we we. We had one for the Through the arsenal gates. We already played a couple of people can go back and listen to what they want. And they were great. But i wanted to So the next one. I want to bring you up it. Six six minutes and fifteen right around six minutes. Six minutes in this is a. This is a conversation with ed clicky. I think you're talking about something to hang on. Let me see if what you're calling up is what i had ready to go I now one with a by labeled correctly see. This is the part where i said. I don't know what i'm doing okay. We'll get through. Okay no okay clip to add colicky all right all right so this is all right so you just wanna introduce a clue icky right. 'cause this guy he's got a he's got a couple of things to say you're just gonna hear his voice which is cool. So ed click was the first michigan state your michigan state player to play for the detroit lions. That's correct. yes and so Yeah we got him. We got a picture on the screen of ed cliquey and so his nickname so so anyways employees from hamtramck he was one. The high school baseball team won a state championship and he was just one of these legendary. Like i mean hamtramck. Sports athletic legends in the nineteen thirties. And so he went to michigan at the at the time michigan state agricultural agricultural college and and just and he played defensive. End play offense. That was offensive in back in those plan. Both ways offensive and defensive end and Just a tremendous player in one of the questions that people always like to find out. Whatever you say of michigan state whenever they brought up is. How did michigan state do against michigan area and saw in one thousand nine hundred eighty four. Which is when the year. That quick played michigan state beat. The wolverines was a rarity excessive since the thirty two and thirty three michigan's u. of m. Were just a powerhouse. Absolute powerhouses they'd chuck bernard and nineteen thirty. Two thirty three chuck bernard say. I can't wait till we start talking about him. He was an absolute legend. The university of michigan and play for the lions play lines thirty four and then He played in thirty five and then so kalicki he just He comes in with the lions he is the his nickname was the one man. Gang was as nick one man. That's what they call because he's just a great you know he started off Anyways well i'll q- that's that's meek you and him operate there to the words from him all right in. Here's ed in his own voice it up to thirty five zero. My impression I i could tell to start with but We only thing. I could recognize it as i wanted to become a part of that group and wasn't very many. Many cracks at your lately made the team that is Four or five made it but I wanted to the worst way. But since i had an opportunity to do that and and Contribute and from the beginning. I wasn't so sure except Pirate never played the in any sport that i didn't play with a winning team and the the and i figured hell is is happening why i can contribute here. And that's the way. I feel when i'm gonna do and These guys are so great and Me and helped me accepted me and not by myself I was earlier. Become one of the group and the ruled out. I could do it Expires.

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