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Now, twenty four years ago Dr Dre with not the music mogul is today. So does this mean there's a pre-nup involved in? Well, that's a main of contention. In this case, Nicole filed for divorce in June in Dr Dre filed his response saying that they had. A Pre nup but in her most recent court filing, she sang she did sign the prenup on their wedding day in Maui under duress says she was basically forced to sign the pre-nup and the court papers pain Dr Dre as a control freak who's even reverse of her AMEX charges. She's saying she's having trouble paying her bills. Meantime, those bills are going to. Start piling up in this case, because each side is presented by a Hollywood heavyweight divorce lawyer, Nicole's being represented by Samantha Specter while Dr Trae is being read by Laura Wasser. Now, Nicole is staying at the couple's home in Malibu Dr Dre is in Brentwood, and he's trying to get his stuff back. He claims that she won't GIVE BACK HIS GOLF CLUBS A. And his registered handgun. Nicole, fired back in court papers. That's Dr Dre is worth a billion. He could afford replacement so far Dr Dre reps had not commented on the latest violate stay tuned. It sounds like this court case is chronically difficult. It sounds like Nicole is not taking advice and wants to forget about dre. Next Theresa Jude, Isis New Jersey. Mansion just hit the market tacky decor, and all this place looks like if Marie-antoinette opened a banquet hall, Teresa and Joe,.

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