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A new level of faith. Your fear sometimes your disappointment. Sometimes you're insecurity keeps you from experiencing another level of faith. There is so much. God wants to reveal to us about our identity about our lives but he is only limited to what we will allow him access to but when we say god. I don't know how you can take this mess of a life in turn it into something. I don't know how you can take my lack of experience and turn it into something. But i'm going to allow you access to that area. Then we begin to see how god blesses our work season. Says i do a devotional. Every day and love worshiping lead that jocelyn brown says a demand on my faith terry says this podcast and chat is divine intervention. Right on time. We love to hear that railways. Were all going back and forth. In this time you must replenish. And god's presence alone time self care he refreshes as we drink partaken. His power cast your cares. Love that Ashley says your wife should shouldn't be stated at the beginning of the journey. Repeat year wide daily. I love that. I love that. Repeating your wide ashley. I'm a. I'm gonna let you be in time out for about five minutes but then you gotta go back because i saw you cutting up okay. But actually this. When i'm gonna say repeating your why because a lot of people say things like you need your why you need your y you gotta know your why. Because if you don't have your while you won't do it but keeping your y in the forefront of your mind one of the reasons why i have to take time and literally just read the comments that are on social media to read the comments that are happening in our private. Facebook groups is because it reminds me that these scatter brained ideas that this stuff that we throw together is literally helping to meet people where they are in challenging them to do better like hanging out with you. Guys on this podcast. I love seeing you in the chat section. I love those of you who don't always catch us live but you come in leave a comment or slide in our dm's it is such a reminder to me that you guys are ever present with me and you guys are my like you are my y you are what gives my purpose fulfillment you are. What gives everything that god gives me life in being able to point us one of my greatest achievements you know So yeah repeating your y love that. Thank you ashley for that. Venise it ashley. She gave you a little break. You break now back in the corner. I love that S perry repeating your wide daily. Levitt what's your instagram ashley. I believe in giving credit. 'cause we go on post this and when we posted we want your name on it ashley teller instagram. So that we don't steal it is not above us to steal because we have a little evenness okay but if you would tell us show instagram. We won't have to do that. just seems this. It's snl dm months ago can i resend for another senate again. Don't give up on me it again. Our singer email to podcast at one. Volve dot com..

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