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Bad company corrupts good morals. And the truth of the matter is this was investigated thoroughly. And a decision has been made. One person is being charged now. What apartment now what's what's what's getting people angry. Is that that all three cops aren't you know, being a CZ subject to those of the electric chair. They shouldn't have to be. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. The grand jury weighed the evidence which trust me had a variety of colors. On that jury. Evidence was looked at testimony was taken and therefore A decision was made that does not give the right to peaceful protesters to burn their cities down. It doesn't give the right to go shoot an innocent cop that had nothing to do with this. It doesn't give the right to black lives matter. Let's call them who they are. The black lives matter Group. To go out and threaten police in Louisville and threatened them that you're going to get ready, too effing die and now one cup is shot. And cities will burn. Maybe even this city. Because there are groups gathering on the boulevard and peaceful protesters will start gathering tonight at Fremont Street at seven PM and the container park But you and I both know That it's after hours 10 o'clock and on that all the Cretan critters come out that air thug criminals that wants loot burn riot. And strike violence. And they don't give two craps about Briana Taylor. You know it, and I know it. They pretend that they care. No, it's just a way for them to burn down V violent Lieut. And riot. I'm opening up the phone lines. I want you to weigh in on the conversation regarding the decision. In the grand jury of Rianna Taylor, what you're seeing unfold right now in cities across the country. Right here in your own city of Las Vegas. 7022575396 is how you way into the conversation. 7022575396. The phone lines are open. Don't tell me this is a peaceful protest because it's not Gun up. People are gonna be straight with you. You better buy a gun. You better go buy a gun Legally, You better learn how to shoot it. You better stock up with ammunition, because, sadly Police are under attack in this country. The left wants to defund and dismantle police talk a lot about what bizarre Bunkerville Seattle is going to do with their Well, peaceful protesters and the only people you can look to for your own safety is well yourself, your family and we have a second Amendment in this country. The second Amendment is meant to protect us. Ah Second Amendment needs to be followed legally. A second Amendment means a whole hell of a lot if you understand what it really means. And you should Take advantage of the rule of law available to you, based on the Constitution of the United States, because right now You are a potential target.

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