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We've got so much disagreement on this for example he and faguy who's on with us eleven eastern today studies the film likes capper nick a lot more than cutler munich times who i think you all would be startled by how much she knows about football it's not she knows more than just about anybody i've met in this circle like she's crunching the advance data i'm not saying it because she's a woman i'm saying it because she knows a lot about football cares deeply about football she likes cutler better than catherine it mike ryan use the like capper nick more than cutler now mike ryan likes cutler more than cabinet regardless the point to me is there's not a lot of difference between those guys and if all things are equal and your coach has a relationship with the other guy and the other guy doesn't come with cuban issues and the other guy doesn't come with black issues all things being equal you're going to take jay cutler and i think it's pretty close to equal mm it is pretty close the evil on their equal and you're right so it's easier to go the jay cutler route uh but you did say something on mikey might this morning it really made me think of it actually made me laugh what if jay cutler gets her like what's going to happen your what needs to happen right or colin kaepernick too all right color could get hurt right of course look your daughter to pass on him again 'cause i was bother when i got bother you know what i got bother when i saw the sagarra report that said that the miami dolphins were considering ordinance tiba yes like if that if that starts happening the capper neck then i'm going to enter the realm of come on man this guy's it petr would you like to at least to me the courtesy of insulting my intelligence in a way that is disguised better i was actually at the red that report was begging man i wish they sign kyle orden.

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