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To remembered so great job lot. Louder research lotta research. A lot of matches to a lot of great matches the past few years to watch some sure. You're you're busy but getting before. We talk about comedy. Let's go back to. Your tennis crashed did mentioned media. Today we were joking. You said you got to bike where i taught. Only the players got bikes. I didn't know everybody else. Everybody got bike so and you said it was a player. Tell me more about your early days as a as a player sherman First and foremost love this game so much i really do and i was never stand out tunisia. Especially until about the age of fifteen. I was pretty average within my county or state as there would say in europe america province in south africa and then things started to change it for the first time i discovered a little bit of fitness a trough way sprint sunday sought to saad on verandah at home and i did that for about three weeks play to quite big junior tournaments in south africa and remember losing in the final one match points and then i'm a trove from joe bill down to down to my hometown in one. The next one beating some good players in the in the quarter semifinals and especially in the quarter-finals. Be one of the top guys in the country. Someone who had never beaten before and penny dropped a phobia. Nfl but a fitness she was. It's made a big difference in my games. So how's how's about a starting a bit more of this and improved quite a bit from fifteen to eighteen. I became one of the top four five players in the country but still never stand out. I was the same vintages wayne ferreira. Obviously a good wine was what a top ten he was for about. Ten years grant stafford was another name. Top fifty player for many years. Marcus drew ska on a career. High of maybe thirty in the world and it was myself and kevin elliott and a few other gos- And rods around the time. I was thinking of going. Pro was at an option to go to university to to off his from university of miami and shrim- having a brain cramp yet the one in malibu in california in any way a chose not to to go to college in the states and a wind pro only because said african tennis federation head an additional sponsor and it was always like the took full goss who traveled now. Suddenly they added another four on the back of that and Out assad a k. Pippa dan that was the name of the university nice could college and i win pro and it was pretty good the first couple of years. decently in singles and especially in doubles which meant that move. Parents didn't have to cut much money for me to travel back in those days. The coach was provided by the federation. And you know the satellites were making enough money every week. Basically to break even so. That's how things were infamy and then in nineteen ninety-two single started to go. Well qualified a couple of tour events in the us summer think third third round a washington beat some top fifty top hundred guys in that tournament and things are going swimmingly and then i go to knee injury and i ended up being out of the sport midway through ninety three and ended up being absolutely must have to tobacco operations that i came back. Play trump play more singles but never really had the game two to be a consistent top hundred player and it just happened one year. The us open ninety ninety seven. And it's probably. I'm i'm mentioned. Craig tally at this point given them in australia. Trae tally was coaching john. John left media guy who was another south african and i was looking to play doubles at qualities of the us open. And i couldn't find anyone. And i saw craig standing in the play area and winds up to him and i said act t- Is john lafayette around. And he said he's not he's playing huggy bid which was a very famous pro-am event that the gos- played in the hamptons. Where you could win a lot of money. And he was up near he had lost was hanging out with ola hotshots. The in In the hamptons. I said peaceful them and see if he wants to play qualities. Telemit's me and i'm desperate to play a lot of the us open in singles. And i was really at a crossroads the my career anyway phones him up and he was gonna stay there and not even play qualities and he said okay because it's raw all come down and play with them when i found out ranking fabio. I realized that we were going to be lost guys. In the qualies it was about five minutes remaining. So i decided not tucson us in and then with about thirty seconds the tournament official their good friend of makalu sit in any other son and this is going to be the the lost school before i ripped the paper away and i walk up then assan. John left knee and robie. Couldn't down any pools the paper away so nobody can switch and You know that was a big turning point in my career because we end up qualifying that year and we make the quarterfinals roddick. The bet so in inten days. I make more money playing doubles than i do. You know playing singles for the previous eight months and there really was a tipping point amok career to say you're not cutting in singles doubles is very much suited to serve and volley game and i had a A decent career playing doubles loved. Every minute of it love being on the tour. Love the traveling Just love mixing being in the same locker rooms of some of the best single supplies and it was an absolute ball of every bit of could have done it so our sixty five and retired. I would have got to quite a few semi slam semi so it was quite a good run. Which much beat singles are double standard. The most for you. I mean the wind standouts always Want a couple of titles off five in total but probably the match was actually the following year at the. Us open nineteen ninety. Eight's we played the quarterfinals on. It was the old grandstand code beck and the day before could share was playing agassi. And if you remember the match but concerto was down to the love and he started moon-balling agassi and the crowd is going nuts at him and he wins the third sit but then rain intervenes. And they have to come back. The next day just so happens. Quarterfinals about doubles put.

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