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Listening to the Valero Alamo bowl on ESPN radio and ESPN George Rogers a cold you look in San Antonio Texas for the Longhorns leaving you tell use three nothing seven forty two to go in the first quarter time now for instant analysis brought to you by the new gas powered sprinter for Mercedes Benz for that we go down the field our offensive line echoed you look at the matchup between San Bill Cosby and Bradley and I because he's a technician and where I think he's stronger season pass protection you go back to the LSU game he and Carolyn chase on one of the best pass rushes in college football had an absolute battle for the entire game he just kept that road for the entire season he's facing a young man who was a half a sack away from being the all time career sack leader you talk the Bradley all individuals to understand how to the technicians at their positions with the way Texas with the football in the air in that first drive Tom I expect this to be watching this battle the entire is tied to the school record twenty nine and a half sacks in his career he's got twelve and a half sacks this season is the exact well good evening will give the school record all by his lonesome Texas a quarterback ball at their twenty two yard line he takes the second set drops back trying to set fires over the middle in completely short wind of different different and is a flag in the back judge might help explain why Ellinger was so far off the mark SEC officials job make date is white hat Tennessee seat replay officials led by David almond bold number twenty eight and to get some help this is so this is a huge on secondary that has a lot of guys missing Julie a black majority seal the pac twelve championship Jaylen Johnson graduated in two and a half years he's getting ready they gave him a first round grade for the NFL draft she said hello now seeing playing time committed the whole so the first down for Texas up three nothing seven thirty six remaining in the first quarter try to tell is running back to stay on his left side of his left hip for protection purposes your drops back looks left out fires right deep down the sideline leading up to the the hands Johnson is to read average from Texas every castle for the Browns down the field that sign as you mentioned exactly Lewis is one of those reserve banks need more time because the absence of Jimmy Johnson six you see the fire their defensive coordinator Todd Orlando true mereka right she was coach always also fired forty me conservative back Google demoted back was a former office supported another quarterback coach a lot of changes it is Texas program as they look to shake a five law season here and sit on and where to go this CD I can't see what you guys to the ground really good the CD just winning the one on one inside try to go to the facility there it's a nice win moves into the gap Tracy just really love Texas all the way to run his way around the freshman guard June third down at eleven for Texas ball on the right hand screen all right to our land your points out with his right hand he's good to see the list to receive receipts right surveys the defense classes and takes a step back to the twenty one yard line it takes you to take see you there looking to the second to second I use a two man and I will say in there the packages collapses on Ellen trying to push the ball down field but when you go in and he said you just Walker's this you run out of magic I'm not sure we will find the protection often today I need to add some guys to develop your time SO nine other school record Randy Chesky on to put this one away for Texas he was injured earlier this season back in action here the twenty four yard line the very sick kids still it is free to the album logo that makes it a Texas defender thank you the twenty four yard line ten six stop by Justin mater and sold with nine of five fifty six to go in the first quarter here in San Antonio it's a long March three nothing you're listening to the Valero Alamo bowl on ESPN radio and ESPN so California you may have heard the local legend that if you flash your brights three times on main street you'll see a ghost off pushing a shopping well we cannot confirm.

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