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He was that was a Korean Schneider transition. He was big into mules. Odell and Emil? Yeah. Yeah. He had the one where he was with a New York City music executive and he shot the mule uncle verses mule. He was played by 26 crops with her. Yeah, yeah. Okay, so we've been doing a two part series on the cultural impact of the book where the red fern grows. And the way that I described it was it was that one time that coon hunting, this super niche, small scale hunting related thing did a 360 slam dunk on pop culture made him love it. All right. And that's the truth. I mean, that book is just so widespread to this day used across the country and urban areas. Always thought it was kind of a regional phenomenon because I live about an hour from talent call where that book happened. So we did that. Somebody wrote me and I got to give them credit and I don't even know who it was and said, hey, you got to do something on Jerry clower. And I don't want to, we could get into the details of how I know about Jerry clower. Which we will, we will, Steve has a few things to say about that. Whether you like it or not. But very quickly. So the part of the reader is seeing behind the scenes of the bear grease podcast. We didn't have this planned out for a long time. If we had, I had my friend Steve rinella, talk about Jerry Clark because apparently he's an expert on Jerry clower. We put this together relatively quickly. And so my friend Isaac Neil, who helps me with some burglary stuff, I was in Arizona and I said, Isaac, when I come home on Monday, I have got to have an expert about Jerry clower that I mean, I've got to get an audio recording in like two days from when I get home. When I got he was messaging me and he scoured the Internet called Jerry's old manager and couldn't get in touch with him and so he called the city council office of liberty, Mississippi. Calls him on the phone. City council and he tells him, hey, we're trying to find a Jerry clower expert. They give him the cell phone number of the mayor of liberty, Mississippi, which he calls and leaves a message with the mayor of liberty, Mississippi. Within three hours, he gets a call from John Newman, Jerry clowers, neighbor from east fork Mississippi. And so Isaac's like clay. We got Jerry clower's neighbor and I hadn't talked to John. So I didn't know much about him. I said, you know, what's he like? Is he excited to do this? Like, what's the extent of his knowledge of Jerry? And he said, man, he seems pretty legit, pretty excited. And so I called John and just deep southern accent, just like Jerry. You know, I find these regions have obviously like a Mississippi Mississippi accent would sound a certain way..

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