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It can can be a runaway. It can be a person with the that's mentally challenged a person with dementia And our worst fears abducted child again. The key word here is real time and We'll explain that nickel. Explain that to you kind of how that works and you know why he created the APP just wanted to make a real quick announcement that our last episode for a I pull up a few podcast on the Bethel Baptist boys and girls home called series where it is waiting for my co host Jessica. Unfortunately she had broken leg was much worse than they thought it was. So she's been in the hospital for a few weeks so everybody can. Yeah send some some prayers and good vibes her way as she gets better soon. We'll get back on in them. We'll get that episode out. Everybody because I know everything was is building up to that last episode and we really do. We've got some absolutely incredible things to explain to you there about about the The caller experience in the escape and all how that ended up so anyways nick. How're how you doing hi? I'm good how are you doing the good. Hello everyone thanks for having me on through and get well soon Jessica a thank you thank. You shall hear that too. She will. So Nick as I said is the creator of the application portion. Shen of.

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