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Can be used have to used to tell us to play a game in say it's horror based and if you say tarnow that's kind of horror basis while but you know miss missed. No i'll fucking and goddamn here just return. Which probably starting certain talk about that. Don't he dokie. Literature club that apply. I've played it fits so you go down that road. That games four hours five hours long. It's going on switch which is weird sixty dollars. I'm not sure what it's like ninety dollars. It's free on steam. So yes there's an updated version that i'm pretty sure you can't buy on steam oliver. Yeah i don't know. Literature club is a game. That would really like to talk about a podcast and everyone. Everyone at the table has to played. Reichen literally say anything about avoided. Spoilers as well yes. I have annoyed spoilers. Maybe that's it out. Think about it. I think that a lot of fun. And we would maybe incurs dischord to go do it because everyone would have a grand old time talking and experiencing what that beast is cool. Jared halpern has seven. Did you did you navigate the waters. You get download you figure it out you transfer your save. Yup everything everything happened. Yeah yeah it took me ten hours cool. It was not a quick process There were some people talking about it in the discord earlier in the week and yeah it is not a good experience. Nada not as Streamlined or seamless experience really cumbersome in annoying However you get you get it done within I imported my say for whatever reason Wanted to check out some of the updates after reading a little bit more about what actually was in this integrate. The firemen issue seven. Integrate says the version that the yeah so The game looks gorgeous but it looks gorgeous on the. Ps four so like. I haven't had any like noticeable changes like it just looked as good. I mean i think it's running at sixty frames per second capped venos- wondering to play. I have it on a ten eighty p tv. Like when we like. Am i even benefiting our anyway so except for the sixty frames per second. Yes i did read that. It doesn't differentiate so like with.

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