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Emotional needs of our students on trauma what we are doing here in Philadelphia to support. Those needs Virginia Jacobs who is with the national school boards association was hard to learn about the push to deal with the social and emotional needs of students. Did we have more SRO's than we have counselors and psychologists in schools, Steve Taiwa, KYW NewsRadio. Judge in Kentucky considering lawsuit involving your student do for fuses to get vaccinated eighteen year old Jerome Kunkle sued after the Kentucky state health department ordered him to stay away from his school. Our Lady of the assumption high school in Walton Kentucky during a chicken pox outbreak. He refused to get vaccinate derived from aborted fetal cells and. As a Catholic where we do not believe in abortion. We believe that's morally wrong. It would go against my conscience. The national Catholic bioethics center says the vaccine is acceptable since it doesn't actually contain aborted sells Shiva chrysalis CBS news. Another forest died over the weekend at a southern California track plagued by deaths in recent months, just two days. After Santa Anita reopened following a nearly one month closure. Another horse suffered a fatal injury horses. Go down and they threw up the green curtains, and that was the accident took place during the San Simeon stakes two horses went down one of them arms runner had to be euthanized. It's the twenty third death since late December this fans reaction warrants shutdown. But there is there something that's missing Steve Futterman. CBS news, Los Angeles early election results in Ukraine show, citizens of that former Soviet Republic favoring a political novice the lead the country early results in Ukraine's presidential. Action show a comedian who plays a fictional president. With no political experience, maintaining a strongly against incumbent. President petro Pora shaneco setting the stage for a runoff people are above all more important than political activity and ambitions early projection show of a lot of MIR's Alinsky earning. More than thirty percent of the vote while the comeback. President Pora shaneco was a distant second with neither candidate winning fifty percent. The election heads to a runoff, April twenty first despite trailing Poro shaneco hailed the results as a victory for Europe as neither candidate wants to move Ukraine toward Russian control after Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine in two thousand fourteen Scott Carr, Washington, elite got off to a bad start at the nation's airports. They computer problem causing big delays across most their line. The FAA state a system wide outages impacting several airlines causing delays from coast to coast during the heart of the morning. Rush, southwest delta and United seemed to be impacted the most south west. Said they tried to restart the disrupted system and it failed. American Airlines said the problem is with aero data. The company provides technical services to many US based airlines the company's literature says they support over twenty one thousand flights each day. It's the second major disruption in two weeks last week widespread computer outages caused delays across the country. Steve Kastenbaum, New York. Some jaw dropping revelations were hearing from the USA today. Reporter who's new book is based on interviews with Barbara Bush before her debt the revelation about Barbara Bush is explosive in Susan pages. New book about the late first lady, he told me that she would find herself so depressed that she wanted to kill herself that she thought about plowing her car into a tree are into the path of an oncoming car. That was in the nineteen seventies some close to Bush speculate a suspected affair by her husband contributed to that. And the death of a daughter in one thousand nine hundred fifty three shaped her life for one thing our own relationship because she was distraught. One during Robin's illness. He was a strong one in the aftermath of their illness. That was a pattern that they repeated two decades that followed Steve Kafe and CBS news KYW medical report on could exclusively by independence. Blue Cross medical editor, Dr Brian mcdonagh a study from Florida Atlantic university. Schmidt college of that is found that in two thousand seventeen twenty four hundred sixty two school age children were killed by firearms in the United States to put this number in perspective during the same year a hundred and forty four police officers died in the line of duty. The researchers are calling shooting gets in children in academic and found that almost forty thousand people between the ages of five and eighteen were killed from gunshots between nineteen ninety nine in two thousand seventeen African Americans accounted for forty one percent, overall deaths and eighty six percent of all deaths were in boys. According to the American Academy of paediatrics deaths. Due to gunshot injury are the third leading cause of injury related deaths in the United States. Brian McDonough KYW NewsRadio just ahead. I'm Jim Roope. I think a lot of us are eager just to get started. A major step forward for a fire ravaged California town that's coming up. The next five minutes on KYW..

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