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Your journey because it matters who you travel with. Click to download today. Yeah. 53 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England on wheel drive topic all the threes up north on 1 28. We've got some problems there, David Yeah, We certainly do. We have a very heavy and slow ride has been especially bad on 1 28 North, a will say mostly most of the way from Burlington and through the Lindfield area. We're seeing a bread or ride in some spots, though Ben, but worse than some others. This report sponsored by express pros dot com a little better Now is the expressway Colbun, but a little worse. Is that the Cape on Route three South that stalls out a mile and a half before the sacrum or bridge and then on Route six East, a heavy volume from the Sagamore Bridge to exit 65. Jammed all around the route. 24 4 95 Interchange and on 95 south from Foxboro, through Mansfield and on 4 95 south. It's busy from Wrentham trying to get on a 95. The pike West is bad from after the Westboro Service Plaza Pass route to 90. Now is the time we get a new job express employment professionals never charges job seekers of fee. It has more than 35,000 job openings with high demand and construction, driving, logistics and administrative jobs. Find a location near you at express pros. Com or in the Express Jobs APP. David Stuff Alino WBZ traffic on the three. Now we get a check of the four day WBC accurate weather forecasts. There's Davonte, breezy and cool the rest of the afternoon and tonight with showers and heavy downpours that could lead to some flooding problems. Temperatures. Steady near the 60 degree mark dropping into the fifties. Tonight cloudy skies.

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