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Show Titus O'Neil. Were so excited to have you on the show for so different reasons for listeners, we actually get to see titus his face right now and when you're a wd were like a big family, so. This covid nineteen situation actually see your face on zoom. It's so good to see you. So long been forever. Though you guys are getting ready to have a baby in two months I can't believe last time I saw you were skin, isn't he? Drains? It's crazy when in the WWe world when we don't see each other weekly just how fast time can go by. Believe, it's. When you go back to the backstage, it's like groundhog's Day it like same when we went back there when we got no like inducted for the hall of fame. I, told Brian. I'm like I. Feel like you never skip a beat here. It's always the same state. Yeah, it really is well. WanNa. Get into the really amazing stuff and the first thing that I would love to talk about is. Titus your nomination for the Muhammad Ali's sports humanitarian award I mean look. I have chills is absolutely amazing. Know that we are rooting for you to win it, but one thing that I've always been in all with you. Is Your philanthropy what you have done for your community? As you know Brian I have talked about how being on the road, we're on the road over three. Three hundred days a year at wwe and we're just were rarely ever home, but titus since I've ever known you. He goes home and not only is he an amazing father to to incredible boys? They're men. Now. Man Pictures I. Yes, that's true I still think of them as boys, but you give every minute you have to your community and I find that so inspiring. To be more like that but I. Just wanted to congratulate you on that nomination. Yes, congratulations so well deserved Req- yeah, I'M A I'm a benefactor of people invested in me when I had nothing to gain in return as a kid. You know as.

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