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Is up. You can't look at someone who tells you they lack integrity and then say okay. Well I was just fooled and abused okay. While in order to stop being fooled and abused you're GonNa have to open your eyes and then do this really horrible hard thing. You're going to have to love yourself more than you love him and fucking more than he loves himself and that means that you're probably going to have to be willing to figure out how to be alone sometimes and sometimes that's for long periods of time now. This is far easier said than done when you have already passed your childbearing years. And when you've already been at the hands of a nuff Patriarchy and gotten screwed that you are finally ready to stand up for yourself and walkaway from a great many men who think they're fucking awesome at those are not easy things to do. Especially if you are economically dependent on narcissist it is not so simple as to just turn around and walk away to someone who's been controlling your life and making you feel like Shit and bullying you for years for twelve years for twenty years for whatever a significant portion of your life. And if you have children with this person it's GonNa be even worse because you're tied to him forever. But if we want progress we have to stop indulging in this we have to stop indulging narcissists. Because they don't even see you. They see themselves reflected from your is aren't interested in you. Narcissists are not interested in you. They're interested in how you perceive them with you. Meet their needs whether you elevate them socially on your on his arm whether you look like a pretty picture in the family photo whether you can help him get ahead professionally. See narcisse automate great fathers and boyfriends for longtime because they want to be perceived as great fathers and boyfriends so they do all the actions required to be perceived that way but in themselves. There's a lack of integrity and character driven by their sense of entitlement and insecure self-loathing grandiosity of superiority. I mean look at some of these guys. And you're like how the fuck are you and narcissist like you're not even close to a five and you're somehow just think you're amazing. I mean you've done nothing. Nothing to justify how awesome you are. But they've grown up in a system that tells them they are entitled to this that makes them feel they get be this this amazing king of the hill because they were born with a penis and our job as women is to just make him feel amazing and he has no job in terms of fulfiling. You're like he doesn't care about your emotions because you're not even real to him. You're a prop one quick thing. Well a few quick things one is. I want to mention the difference between entitlement and privilege because I have used the word entitlement and this episode and tienanment another one of those key words right now that are floating around and so as privilege in gender and race and all kinds of situations these are words that were grappling with so I. WanNa give you some insight into I believe privilege and entitlement. Our privilege is being given more opportunities than someone else simply because you were born that way. Okay so if you were born American you are privileged if you are born a Man. You are privileged. If you are born white you are privileged right and there are varying degrees of privilege if you were born in a wealthy family and your parents were both professionals. You are privileged. There is nothing wrong. With being privileged. The goal is that everyone is privileged right. Like if you want for others. What you want for your south which is good things. Just your basic love connection wealth purpose right if you have that because you were born in a privileged position. There's no shame in that right. You Got Lucky then if you have that and you acknowledge that yes you were born a white man. In America. You're one of the most privileged humans on earth. You got a real significant head. Start if you understand that and you try to bring up other people into your level of privilege then fucking hurry for privileged people. I mean my God I guess I think Bill Gates Bill Melissa Gates would be a good example of this right. He was born a white male in America he married a white woman. In America both highly educated he had this entrepreneurial spirit this head. Start this vision right. Made something big. But they're purpose now is the gates foundation in which they go around the world and they solve a great many problems that they fund because they've approached the top ten percent of people in wealth in the world and said Hey. Why don't you give us your money so that we can make the world a better place like Warren Buffett has left his fortune to Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation? Because they're doing amazing things around the planet they have the money to innovate. They have the money to experiment. They have the money to employ scientists and gift. Grants and provide mosquito netting. Right and sure Polio right or leprosy that would be an excellent example of privilege being used correctly with integrity. Right the entitlement is different. Entitlement is when you are born a white male in America. And you think you didn't get a headstart you think that. Are you say bullshit like this? Well I work hard for what I do. You're not working harder than someone with a minimum wage physical Labor job. You'RE NOT. You're not working harder than a single mom. Trying to support for kids after her husband walked out on her before she got her education completed. You're not if you are born a white male in America and you don't understand how privileged you are and you cannot look at other people around to and see that. There's a big difference in the way that you are treated politically socially economically and I mean even just in the criminal system that's entitlement and that is narcissism at its worst. If you cannot see that you were born with highly educated parents. Sent to school never worried about money at all. And you resent so one on welfare or social security or getting lunch as old people you are a narcissist and you are entitled. You believe that something is not that something is yours because you earned it with. Our system is inaccurate. Its way inaccurate. So if you were born in this privileged position great be privileged make the most out of it and spread it around to believe you did it with your merit in your hard work and everybody has a shot in this meritocracy that's narcissism that's entitlement at there are varying degrees of this but statistically regardless of what race you are if you were born male you are privileged and if you can be a male privilege and look around you and they've got the same shot. I've got that'S NARCISSISM. That's entitlement if you have a penis had you think you can't control your penis. And that gives you the right to energetically or physically attack a woman under any circumstances whatsoever. You are ours. Assist you are entitled. Entitlement is believing that something that is not yours belongs to you. Any woman's body is not yours. If you feel that you are entitled to do whatever you want with Your Dick that is entitlements bat is narcissism so I just wanted to point out the differences there even in life span. There's a massive difference. The less privileged. You are the sooner you die the less money you make the more health problems you have. There's a direct correlation people. There is a very direct correlation with how privileged you are and your entire life experience and if you are that privileged person that cannot see that that denies that that does not try to bring other people into your privileged position than you are a fucking narcissist and honey. If you're a data guy you're going to get hurt you're going to get screwed the last thing. I want to say and I think this may be the most important thing is. Let's stop making narcissists. Let's just stop it. We live in a world that is still patriarchy. Nowhere near equality. In any level there is no part of our lives that is equal none. No part of our lives is equal. Which means that males our sons are setup by the entire system to become narcissists. It is the system in which we operate and every single place where they go from birth to death is set up to make them feel that they are superior that they work hard or that they try harder that things are equal. Other people are just kind of fucking it up. If you allow your son to believe that you have made a narcissist the most important thing I believe that we can do to stop making narcissists is to instill the value of equality as it should be as the ideal equality is the ideal right equality is the ideal but we cannot tell our sons that things are equal. That is the worst thing we can do. You cannot say boys and girls are equal if you say boys and girls are equal. You are feeding him a falsehood that is not based in our current reality that he will then grow up in believing that things are equal and therefore he should just have whatever he has. Because he's entitled that will make a narcissist we make narcissists rather you tell him things should be equal things are not equal as a male. He has a lot of history to compensate for that. If you just let him float along his life believing that things are equal will just have another generation and another generation of narcissists in patriarchy. That's what will happen. 'cause we're not. We're not teaching old forty year old men new tricks now. Our best shot. I don't WanNa say forty year olds. I've been pretty narcissistic millennials. Our best shot is to train the next generation with better values more integrity and character and higher expectations right. Our sons are born privileged regardless of what race you are sons are born privileged and as you go through the races you get a variable of privilege right and you get a variable of religion terms of economic status and your culture in your community and Religion. And you know like yes. There are ton of variables there but if you are born a male the whole world is set up for you to become a narcissistic asshole for you to be entitled just like the parents before you so to instill hours. The value of equality in our sons is wonderful. That is absolutely what has to happen. But to give them the illusion that it exists. Mix another narcissist..

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