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Here. You're you're making a cocktail in a few minutes not yet we've got to got to play the phone okay. All right and I don't know uh-huh focus on. Ym here yes. After ten years you want to focus on it. I think ten years is a great great tenure ended all today I tell you what. Let's just move onto the phone tap and then we'll come back in Johnny's GonNa serve a cocktail. I just my my point is this. We don't like to get drunk in the morning anymore so I don't know all right so wh- diamond does diamond will drink. Yeah we do have ZIP right. Well we'll I have a SIP. Okay at bid. Then I'll make non alcoholic drinks from now on okay. That'd be awesome. Do that uncle or make lasagna in California I like I do. We gotta go by the way next week. We're doing free phone taps TAE. Thanks to our friends at Raoult's homemade. Yeah tell you a lot of especially are Italian friends if you tell them that you're you're using sauce that you buy off the shelf and a grocery store they get mad at you. Raoult's does is the one you can go to and it's so good and so they're sponsoring are thousand thousand dollars pre money phone cuppa red wine. A quarter of a cup of red wine in it it off my gosh. It's amazing so anyway today. We say as today her last day. Today's her last official day we have a retirement. Anita Anita has been working at the front desk iheart for forever and she's just a light. She glows she's positive. She helps people in her spare airtime. She does things for people that she doesn't even talk about. Because he doesn't WANNA BRAG or make it sound like bragging anita is just a great friend. We're going to miss her so much. So this is a phone tap. We played on Anita during Jingle Ball season. And we're going to have her on in a few minutes to say goodbye. So here you go your Anita phone tap listen to great. She's always Elvis. The Elvis Duran phone tap all right scary. What's it all about today? Okay so Anita Annemarie are two of the receptionists.

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