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Lies and conspiracy theories that are our cancer for the party. Take a look at a wreck on the four or five with the calf eye in the sky. Next termites are always here in Southern California. We're termites central. They love the weather as you do. They love the wood in the house is because that's what we build our homes off. And so they're flying around. When you see them. You think their little gnats. They're not. They're flying around looking to colonize. And they go in your walls, and they call in eyes, former colony and then start eating 24 7. So what do you do? Even if you don't know, if you have termites, it's worth calling Pacific Coast termite. You get a free inspection and they'll tell you either You have him early days. That's when you want to grab him or you don't have him at all. And if you know you have termites. You see him at the baseboard. You know, wood shavings, little black dots. That's turn my crap. They'll come out and kill the little buggers and they'll do it without tenting. And that is really important. They can actually treat the termites. Well, you're at home. No tenting. No going to a hotel. No double bagging your food. Call 800 Pacific 800 Pacific Visit Pacific Coast Term i dot com 800 Pacific that goes to Maine kills her mate, clean friendly. Way. Fine quality candidates fast with indeed instant match indeed searches through millions of resumes in their database to deliver candidates who fits your job description instantly claim a $75 credit on your first post at indeed dot com slash credit terms and conditions apply. From the ex surgeon Temporal scanner Thermometer Weather Center. Partly cloudy and mild with highs in the sixties to the low seventies. This report is brought to you by indeed dot com from the Southern California Toyota Dealers Traffic Center. We make it easy or watching a wreck on the four or five Looking at West Chester on the four or five North and Howard Hughes Parkway. Just clear to crash from the carpool and left lane. So you're sitting in some traffic at the what? L five Rancho Cucamonga to 10. Westbound as you approach the 15 Freeway. Gonna find the right lane is blocked with an injury crash. A pie in the sky is sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bob. A review of the 7 10 terrible situation. Our earlier South found 7 10 before Atlantic Mangini. He was a terrible crash and someone lost their life in this crash, right? We're circling over right now, and I can tell you at least the coroner's here, so they're making some Headway here in the investigation, But South found 7 10 days now backed up through the 60 going back towards the 10. That's a real tough one to get around. If you're in a passenger vehicle, getting off the tenor of the 16 using Atlantic get you down to this area. If you get on the South 17 Atlantic Bend into yourself of the problems on your way, but another tough one extremely tough coming out of the cell and change south. Five himself, 7 10. It's all backed up through the interchange itself North about be careful Still, some Spectators going coming through, but at least all lanes open on the north bound side injured in an accident. Is it superwoman super Lawyer? Calm Jeff Bob K. F i n the Sky African, sponsored by the Auto Club of Southern California, Ko Phi in the sky helps get you there Faster. I'm robbing banks. Southern Californians could save an average of $537 when.

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