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Alrighty, welcome back, Mike brazza here, TFD truth, interview exclusive. Welcoming back today, Joe Kent, he's been with us before, but his race in Washington is heating up. He is running for Washington's third district in Congress. First off, Joe, thanks for joining us. Hey, thanks for having me on, great to be back with you. I appreciate it. Yeah. I will tell you, I necessarily wasn't going to talk about it when we set this interview up, but it just happened to fall the day before we're recording this. So last night, Joe Biden, I'll guess I'll call it addressing the nation. Before we get into what he said, I think we should first touch on the background, the whatever that was, what the darkness and the red and it was very showy, right? Hollywood ask, you know, you had the military in the background. I'm interested to know your opinion on that because you were in the military. What do you think of that before what he said? But let's talk about the actual production of it before we talk about what was actually said. Yeah, I mean, optics aren't accidental, right? I mean, they had that very dark setting, which I think is kind of interesting. I mean, it wasn't red, bright and blue, like some people said it was. The way I saw it on TV was it was that very dark red reddish kind of glow. And then you had the marines in the background. And look, I mean, most presidents, they used a military ceremonially. I guess that's sort of the right as commander in chief to do. I usually find it kind of distasteful, but in particular with this one because the speech was so divisive. It was a very political speech. I mean, it was Biden essentially making the case for the midterms and then going forward into 2024. And so for him to use the military in that way, I found that not just distasteful, but the messaging, I think, is pretty clear. There are attempting to intimidate people and he really got into that in a speech and intimidate and then really just divide the country even further. Yeah, and I think his, again, the display of it between the backdrop of it with the military there. And then also, you know, pounding his hands down on the table, right? I hate to, I hate to put this together because, you know, obviously Hitler was a terrible human being, but the show of it, the slapping of the hands on the das, the podium, the rhetoric that it was there.

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