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That goes to space with the gardens a galaxy. There should be a rotation of vendors that works alongside should sword. Shield is like the on earth defense with enhanced people and superpower people, meta human TC thing. So enhanced people's repair people and sort as space, we're like, the satellite that offends against out other worldly things, and then I think the best pilot is Roti and she's like oh fuck now. And she tells Rhody hell, no tells Rhody at this little birthday thing at a air bear force hanger, which obviously they both be piloted both hang out there. And she says I need to go. Fly need to go do. Do that thing. And he's like a loving asp boyfriend is like do what you gotta do. He's like if you're a bird. I'm a bird. Yeah. And so she goes off and starts. She flies on this jet with an AI that she ends up making friends with Harrison center. And a cat, and she meets the gardens galaxy hilarity ensues because rack raccoon wants kill the cat because he thinks it's flirting cat. Flirting cat, interesting radio Catholic. No, that's a flirt. And that's what to think hilarious sues the land up on the planet that she's supposed to finally be Ono. She finds all these favorite plot device a girl in a fucking box. And why? My favorite Pfizer, ala Sar, fire fine. Fater pop point effort. Valid point. The evidence. And then she's like, I don't know what I'm doing. I gotta kill you guys. But also my planets dying. And it's like, okay, let's go saver. She's a little girl. So they go to the planet, and they see all these people starving that shit. And it's like, I know sick. They're like, oh, man. Oh, it's an adventure. You guys helped spark tax when the builders were destroying planets and show that that's like we helped Spartak flicking asset here who just in dishonored of spy is Jason Jason Jason is star Lord's father, not ego. Kurt russell. Every MC you. I'm like, okay, we're just flex its they're run fucking relax still telling the story. So Jason who is an asshole of the sparks empire is pretty much like we got to evacuate all these sick as people off the planet for reasons. And no, he just moved them there and the empress aka ma'am, is just like, I don't know people want to stay here. I do wanna make the move. I don't know what the fuck do also asking them to leave their sick behind. Yes. And Carol, Dan, I can help your your outside. Don't belong voice that I thought that. She would. Yeah. Yeah. They had this court and then one sect of alien races. Like, hey, look our suits help us stay alive. And also help your sick, people will just stay, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, tap, tat foreshadow and later on they're trying to find any way to Bill jets and ships off to get people evacuate off the planet. They end up having to. Chase off people going to other planets, and that's where we end up on where we first started six weeks ago. We end up finding out that there's a big plot that despite tax army found a vibration, your mind inside the planet that these aliens are now dying on because they have bringing poisoning there mining it an old fashioned way that doesn't protect anyone. Yeah. It's so fast, and it's killing everybody and the aliens who are in the suits who are willing to stay there for a long time or the ones that are doing and the the Spar tax Jason leads. They wanna line their ships with that vibe Ania making them. Yeah. They wanna make that get this menace shield share. You know, like they wanna do that shit ship. Yeah. A fleet, and it's it's all of the remnants fleet of because their feet, the Spar tax fleets was pretty much depleted after the builders war and the builders was a big alike. Cross, you know, multi class event happen complex. And that's what started the marvel. Now thing ends up. Everyone finds out what the fuck and plot is like oh my God..

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