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Because he wanted the young prince do everything his father wanted to do right now it's Brennan in March course sponsored by doctors burning a hole for a very sunny and roll your ophthalmology associates good morning I'm Kevin killing with Amy mark scores and I'm sitting in very poorly for Charlie Brown and we're just saying people call Charlie when he's here pretend that were Charlie they call us we're talking about the problems with neighbors you have get to that in just a minute and you know the neighborhood just annoys you what annoys you about your neighbors have you ever had to face him at the door and say here's my list of things that I like about you but we want to talk about a a very close to a hard topic our friend we worked with for years Brett bloom and came watch news has been very sick for the past several months with us several types of cancer which require blood transfusions and it's a helpless feeling you think what can I do and they have decided to have a blood drive is at least something that we can do and that's taking place today it's called we believe bloom Brett bloom blood drive it's from noon to six o'clock today at metro east Lutheran high in Edwardsville and Amy you'll be there what from yeah I'll be there twelve to two and our greed and will be there broadcasting from two on so it's it's a great because you get to meet some of the people from came wax and feel like you're doing something not only help rapper this time you've read clock cross needs lots of blood so the we believe bloom blood drive noon to six today at metro east Lutheran high in Edwardsville.

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