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Secrets, you do not want to know that mattress secrets. Louis I, this might be awkward to talk about, but I feel like there's a hierarchy to sodas, at least in terms of how humans think about them at the top. There's, you know coke and Pepsi. And then there's seven up and sprite, and then there's these, you know, like your sunkissed and grape soda Fanta that are kind of at the bottom. I wonder if that does that hierarchy. Does it mean the same thing to you? Well, let me tell you something Fanta I mean, sure. Here in the US it's not the most sophisticated offering but overseas. It's huge by Japan. Use Fanta Fanta in Thailand. It's all over the place. If you walk down the street there, you'll see half open bottles of Fanta everywhere. Strawberry Fanta in particular everywhere. Just hanging out just like sitting on the the street just on the street because Uman's they're used strawberry Fanta as an offering to ghosts, so they leave it out on. The street because they're giving it to go, yes, friendly, ghosts according to local custom love, sweet red soda. So if you leave it out, it attracts them and the hang out around your house and protect you from, you know, whatever unfriendly goes. My come around who, I guess, don't love. We read soda right, do do you know what it is about strawberry Fanta in particular because of the color. So there's a theory that it's because they can't do blood offerings anymore. And so strawberry Fanta which is another, you know, read viscous liquid would be the next best thing strawberry Fanta among the sodas available to us looks the most like blood. Yeah, which I personally don't see. Okay, but you know, it's a Thailand thing. We humans. We think a lot about, you know, spirits or early, you know what might happen to us after we die. Do you as a cola? Do you think about that the afterlife? Yeah. Oh, yeah. How do you not think about it all the time? Yeah, because I'm. Reaching that age myself. I'm probably not going to be around that much longer you are. I mean you are recyclable. Yeah, which opens up a whole other conversation. You know, my my body, my can will almost certainly be re re purposed. And then that leads me to ask questions of, like, well, have I already been repurpose? I don't know. You could have been any number of sodas or or anything else and airplane. I could've been. I actually when I was younger, I used to have a recurring nightmare that I was. There was a plane crashing. There was an ocean and a beach, and in the it was nighttime and it was raining and there was a plane crashing on the beach and used to like to think that in a previous existence, I was part of an airplane, and this was some sort of memory that had traveled with me. Maybe part of like, I don't know ventilation system on board of seven, forty, seven or something you referred to your, your can as your body or your body is your can. Is there an equivalent between, you know, a human stock about body and soul is is I'm sorry. No, I'm only sighing because I wish I had the answer to this question. Is there an equivalency? Yes. He s the body mind problem that human beings have been dealing with since the days of Descartes. Something all too familiar to us cans of so two am I just a can am i. soda? What does it mean to be soda? My part of the larger ocean of soda out there just the individuation. So my soda interacting with a can and Mike can being slowly eaten away by the soda inside me fought about this a lot. Yeah, I don't have an answer, but it's something I wrestle with all the time. What am I fundamentally once the sodas gone, the canned remains, but by by me, I think, yeah, who knows? Who knows? These are the mysteries that permeate every level of since as far as I know. I have to say, I think I think about the type of Kanyare with the pull tab. And then I think about other cans in the kitchen, you know, like a soup can. I don't know if you know any soup can. I know couples who can't and it occurs me. You are so lucky. Because I think about the way a soup can. It's open that the I can opener to me seems like torture device it is, and let me tell you something else to the. I thank God every day of my life that I was not born a candid minestrone soup. I least have lived a life. I know where I've been. You know, I'm not all of my dreams may have necessarily come true. I may have taken a couple of bad turns here and there, but at least at the end of the day, I've been witness to my own life. These poor bastards are stuck in these soup cans. We talked about hermetically sealed. They lose all sense of time and perspective. When you open a can of soup, when they wake up, they have no idea how much time has passed. They're like astronauts coming out of cryogenic freeze, and they're all spaced out the completely disoriented. They don't know what's going on, and they're wakeup call is being torn open by these damn can openers what are nightmare of an existence flesh. His literally busted open only to wake up into a world that they don't know anything about. All the rest of stay away from the cans of soup. And I'll be honest with you. I feel awful about it, but whenever I try to talk to super, a are weird. You've mentioned that you're, you're feeling like you're nearing the end of your life. Oh, yeah. What do you feel old or. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh, very much. I know for vacuum, I can look at my inspiration. Okay. And can I ask how close you are t. minus two weeks to go? My friend. Wow. So what but you could keep going on after that? Just I, it's not recommended, but I could does it seem. I mean, I think about this with you because, and I'm sorry, I have this isn't the right way to put it, but it seems like your purpose is to be consumed by human. And so you know, we all want to serve our purpose. We wanna be useful and yet for you, the moment of your use is the moment where you are no more, and I wonder if that's something you anticipate with optimism or if it feels like you know approaching the paradoxes and it is. Yeah.

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