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The bees were set to host the Buffalo sabers this weekend, but it was announced last night. The sabers will have their season postponed until at least February 8th because of covert 19 issues. Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy was asked today about the league, putting the sabers on pause. Certainly not surprised. Hopefully, you know this curtails it. People get healthy in the east. Erica's has been a few shutdowns. Now it started seemed like in the south, and hopefully this takes care of any future spread or concerns. But After that, Who knows? And the Celtics continue their West Coast Road trip. Tonight They'll play the Sacramento Kings at 10 O'clock, Brian. It's Anneli WBZ. Boston's news radio 3 43 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the trees while the expressways got its issues, Mike Yeah, we've got problems coming into the city from the South Bandits. The North found expressway that's jammed up towards the tunnel. It's a crash just inside left lane, so get over to the right lanes to get Through there as you come into the city just come another way. If you can. You'll be glad you did the south at expressway crawling out of the cell tunnel down to South Bay. Your back in it near Brian Dev as you head into the splits about 20 minutes. Boston to Braintree to give you an idea. Route three South is clear out of Weymouth and hang him in that lower into 1 20 eight's pretty good. Now up to the North Route one North is slow through Saugus coming up past Lyn Phil's Parkway. It was because of an earlier crash that was, incidentally, on the South bound side. 1 28 North bound, hung up to Woburn Coming a past Washington street and 93, but Roots three and 93 North both pretty good up towards 4 95 out to the West. Here to 90 East is backed up a couple of miles through downtown Worcester, where the crash cleanup going on before Route nine. It's got westbound backed up a couple of miles as well. The mass turned bikes Pretty good afternoon. A take out through graft in East pounds. Okay, too. And then downtown. The Tobin Bridge out Bounds backed up a little bit at the bottom, but the lower deck is wide open. Storrow Drive is just slow coming into Lefferts Circle. My king, Deputy busies Traffic on the threesome cloudiness around as we head into the evening tonight. Still the chance of a couple of flurries here or there..

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