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Eleven I'm Barton, Necker. Now, this Bloomberg sports update NBA the Charlotte Hornets, gone revenge against the nets for Brooklyn's. Double overtime win on Wednesday night in Brooklyn by defeating the nets one hundred to eighty seven on Friday night at the spectrum center in Charlotte the Hornets Napa two game losing streak, but let's came into the game. Having won nine of their last ten Dangelo. Russell led the nets with thirty three points. Kemba Walker top the Hornets with twenty nine Cody Zeller with fourteen points and ten rebounds. But that's no seventeen and twenty. They played their final game of two thousand eighteen later this evening wonky bond NHL the islanders rally from a three one deficit and come from behind to defeat autobahn six three the Barclays center. Matthew Barzel had two goals and an assistant. Josh bailey. Had a golden obsessed Johnny boy, Chuck Anders Lee and Casey says Ego's the other islander gold scores. Forces ecus tent. Mark stone, Cody CC and Matthew Shane the Ottawa. Gold scores for Duchenne is fifteenth which came on the powerplay Thomas Greis gave up three goals on. Seventeen shots before he was pulled early in the second period, Robin Lehner who began his career without auto came on and stopped all ten shots. He faced to improve to seven oh and three against his former team tonight. The islanders face their former team, captain John Taveras Toronto Maple leaves Notre Dame football on Bloomberg eleven three. Oh, the fighting Irish play Clemson in the college football playoff semifinal in the Cotton Bowl that Arlington, Texas. Pre game coverage of three later this afternoon kickoff at four PM in the music city bowl on Friday. Auburn rounded produced sixty three to four team in the Camping World bowl. Syracuse defeated West Virginia thirty four eighteen for Syracuse their first ten win season in seventeen years. NFL news giants wide receiver. Odell Beckham junior has been ruled out for Sunday's finale against the Cowboys in the Netherlands still lingering quandary Beckham online of missing last four games of the season. And the jets have signed wide receiver Quincy an-and were to contract extension. That's reportedly worth thirty six million dollars over four years will the. Bloomberg sports update. I'm Tom Rogers. This is Bloomberg BusinessWeek with Carol Massar and Jason Kelly from Bloomberg radio. Welcome back to.

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