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Two and a half years officials have made four rests in connection to the murders of eight family members in pike county. Ohio attorney general and governor elect Mike dewine says the suspects planned everything out. They studied the victims Habich and their routines. They knew the layout of their homes. They knew where they slept and then after executing each victim. We believe the evidence will further show. The suspects tampered with the evidence arrested were old, George Billy Wagner, the third. Forty eight year old Angela Wagner Twenty-seven-year-old towards wichner the fourth and twenty six year old Edward Jake wider. The wine ads motive involves a custody situation involving the child of one of the members of the road and family because this is an open prosecution. We won't be able to say much about motive. But you'll see from the indictments that custody of that young child plays a role in this case, Jake Wagner was a longtime boyfriend of Hanna road, and they had shared custody of the child at the time of the murders. Two other people were taken into custody for their luxury and cover up of the of the murders which included forgery of child custody documents. Elsewhere, Ohio State athletic director, gene Smith directly. Refuting the recent story about urban Meyer from Brett mcmurphy that alleges former wide receivers coach Zac Smith used a racial slur in a confrontation with the player in two thousand seventeen week ago. And we were able to get our university compliance people to come over to the Woody Hayes athletic facility. Meet with the athletes were around that incident, gene Smith telling sister station one zero five seven the zone. Many players also reacted to the story saying if it had happened they would not have tolerated it university also released a statement calling the story from mcmurphy irresponsible and inaccurate. The death toll from northern California wildfire up to forty eight six more bodies were found yesterday making the camp fire north of Sacramento, the deadliest fire in California history. Over fifty thousand people have been evacuated and six people have been arrested for looting in evacuated areas. First lady, Melania Trump, making an unusual public move calling for a high level firing within the Trump administration. First lady, Melania, Trump, rare and public call for the firing of deputy national security adviser mirror. Ricard L the first lady's spokeswoman released a statement or Ricard L saying, quote, it is the position of the office of the first lady that she no longer deserves the honor of serving in this White House sources in the west wing till ABC news the feud Simpson MRs Trump's first solo trip to Africa last month, the first lady irritated with. Ricardo in fell. She had treated her staff. Disrespectfully for now. Ricardo L still has her job. Kenneth Moton, ABC news, Washington. Coming up next Joel Riley, a meteorite buck Michael with your ABC six first winning weather forecast, sixteen WTVN news time is five thirty five half price.

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