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The show began a convergence of of several topics we talk a lot about on the show the first cd and there is day divergent number of opinions from people that we respect in that i respect and i've had on the program about ct about whether or not it is absolutely correlated of football or whether or not it is not and certainly the science at boston university or the cd center is based and has been at the forefront of a lot of the articles a lot of the news lot of the studies that have the perspective that ct is absolutely caused by football net football is therefore a sport that needs to address what it views scientifically from its perspective it is data as a series is as you they conducted a test on aaron hernandez is brain the former patriots' tight end who had been in prison convicted of murder until he took his own life and this test comes as part of a lawsuit um on behalf of the hernandez family representing his estate and his daughter and as part of a lawsuit against the nfl and the new england patriots asserting that they knew the sport was unsafe they did not protect hernandez and that the brain which according to and the key the director of the ct center at boston university concluded that he had a very advanced stage very advanced form of ct and look i've talked about this on the show i air on the side i believe anof of what i've seen that i would not allow my son to play football it it it it it worries me i've also said or the.

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