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You'll love it. And we're going to stay over and go to the Browns game the next day. Nothing hard about that. That's that's a layup. So it'll be a Baker Mayfield weekend for the king. And I in Cleveland on December the eighth and we'd love to see their don't forget he Jerry Nile also be appearing together for headlock on hunger at wrestle Kate. Rosa case getting bigger by the day. It's a huge event. And we'll be there for on the Saturday after thanksgiving. I'm gonna fly the football teams my plan on thanksgiving into Morgantown. And then I'm going to go by car blew it or not when the game is over on Friday night. Into Winston Salem little nifty for our drive. I'm booked gotta go, and then I'm gonna do appearance there with the king headlock on hunger. And if you get a chance man, check out the replicate event Winston Salem. It's going to be bigger than ever. I'm looking forward to seeing so many my friends or their golly great lineup. The promoters have done a wonderful job of organizing. This thing I don't enter their job man of book and a hundred wrestlers over a three day period is like hurting chickens as somewhat daunting at times and will exasperate once patients if you're not careful, so we're looking forward to that. It's going to be a good deal. I did wanna make mention of proud of the women of WWE for the outstanding broadcast on Sunday night. Boy that was challenging to try to watch. Wifi. Here is. Is very scarce to be honest with you, very scares. And so getting this show back to San Diego for producer, Ted ain't been easy. But we're we get it all done. I was listening to it apparently Becky and Charlotte delivered the goods the kicked pure ass. And that was from a lot of people it as I saw pieces of it more of it on Monday than I did on Sunday, quite frankly because we're actually get a little bit of a wifi now. It was amazing what they did. And they didn't close his show, but the could have obviously. But I think, you know, the the issues WW closer show as a real with a happy ending Becky is allegedly being position as a villain, which I don't agree with. It's not working in that respect. But I I love to see the fact that she's developing as a star if you wanted to be a baby fae, she's maybe face. I think that's what she is. Because the you're paying customer your greatest research material tells me that the fans cheer her they're buying her merge. If they hate us if you hasten about it that badly as as a character television character, why would you buy their merchandise? What would you represent them? If you didn't like them as performer, it's pretty simple math to me. But in any event, Ronda Rousey, and Nikki Bella closes show. That's macaws Rousey has the power rouses. The top female in the company some rock going to lie. That if she the best wrestler a company today, she's not she's the biggest attraction in the company of any gender. Perhaps you can make an argument or that. So that rows e close the show, and as we predicted here, the shows opened by Trish and lead us tag match. I guess mickie James Gatto mic, and at least FOX took the spot of Alexa bliss. So we've predicted that one and it came out we got lucky lucky gas, and then the the show closed Rowzee, which is again as no wrestling purist out of close with what pursue to be the best wrestling match that did have a happy ending. Unless you're the Bella pan club, the not so happy. So I I'm just saying like as a real good show, and it up list everybody it gives everybody a knowledge that things can be done changes can't be made. And of course, you know, I've been hit by the media about ask about Saudi Arabia. Well, what about Saudi Arabia? Well, there's a couple of things flow. But I don't need to be talking to the media about anything right now. But one of Saudi Arabia. I can't give you an answer that you're going to buy if you're anti have any event, I can't convince you it's the right thing to do. So I shall not try. I think it's about the bottom line..

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