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What I would still waits for a ruling on how much money it's going to get out of the fifty million dollars that information technology contractor Deloitte agreed to pay as compensation for problems with the state's public assistance computer system now on Tuesday budget officials from the governor's office the administration said that they have not yet heard from the federal centers for Medicare and Medicaid services how the delight payments will be divided the federal government paid roughly eighty percent of the cost of the you have computer system which fails when it was launched in two thousand sixteen that's a long that's been it's taken years to get the system to work properly and it's still not a hundred percent reminder was calling for the state to get thirty three point two million of that fifty million dollar delayed agreed to pay as part of the contract extension signed last March lawmakers included that thirty three point two million in their budget for the year ending in June so for months state officials have said that they expect a response from the federal government soon that's kind of a gray word isn't soon and the that remains the case is budget writers work on a tax and spending plan for the next fiscal year to the governor typically proposes a budget for the coming year in January now with the state receives less than thirty three point two million from Deloitte budget would have to make up the difference so write and still wait for that money from the Deloitte settlement as a sizeable chunk of change to lots of cattle Steve Nelson from Eyewitness News says in the town of Johnston guns and fentanyl were found in the Johnston man's home the key headline here's the pills that state police say they found they say one of their task force search Taylor re goes home on Sanderson road in Johnston twenty four years old we goes home was searched according to police and inside they say they found thirty nine marijuana plants nineteen pounds of marijuana a shot gun a pistol and a lot of cash and then pills state police say that they're disguised to look just like medication and this case two hundred and thirty eight blue pills but inside those pills authorities say they can contain fat and all a potentially deadly substance and something that the buyer doesn't necessarily know they're getting and that's why what island state police major Timothy CNC said this case is very troubling there's no regulation over what's being distributed on the street that's dangerous amounts of fat and all kind of fat and all a lot of these tablets they're mixed with ecstasy cocaine fentanyl methamphetamine a lot of different substances just to create the tablet in of itself in this case isn't unique you might remember just a few weeks ago the FBI arrested several family members for selling pills in Providence authorities said the suspects described the pills as pain killers but they were actually filled with Sentinel Regus facing six charges some of those charges include sentences that could go as high as fifteen years in prison Steve Nelson from Eyewitness News object in the Providence journal says the police in Narragansett are investigating complaints about a man who's been approaching women in trying to make a romantic connection that's the term the police use police have received numerous complaints from women who said that they've approach to primarily in stores or in store parking lots Narragansett police captain Max Sutton told the Providence journal it's also been a topic on Facebook with women posting about their discomfort and being approached by this individual so also complained on Facebook about being approached in south Kingstown so this guy gets around against Narragansett police have identified the man and I've spoken to him about their concerns that's what officer Sutton said the man whose name has not been released was not taken into custody that said in a kind of out with certain said the Narragansett police are also working with the south Kingstown police on this guy join Facebook one woman road ladies watch out for this guy with a post containing a photograph journals not gonna publish the photo because the man has been charged with a crime smart move by the journal give model lawsuit she described how the man had approached her as she was getting out of her car in a convenience store parking lot Narragansett although she tried cutting off the conversation and activated a car alarm he followed her into the store and he finally took off when she told the managers of this woman several women reporting unwanted advances by a stranger came Vanian today's Providence journal reports the two gun rights advocates challenging a state law banning the sale in the possession of stun guns and tasers as an infringement on their rights to bear arms under the second amendment the vice president of the run island second amendment coalition Michael o'neill and Nichola Grasso the former president of the run island federation of sportsman association late last month sued Attorney General Peter no rona and the run island state police colonel James Manny in their official capacity sober state law barring the possession and the attempted use of stun guns and electric arms alleged violators face up to a year in prison and a one thousand dollar fine as well as the confiscation of their weapons o'neill and Grasso argue in a lawsuit in US District Court that stun guns tasers which should at darts that deliver an electric shock another electric arms represent a non lethal and more effective way to incapacitate would be assailants so they were an island gun rights advocates these two is suing for the right to own stun guns and teachers top road island hospital group that's lifespan they're eyeing some big time cost cuts because they took a thirty five million dollar loss so we're gonna try to save his robin Nesbitt from Eyewitness News when lifespan sent an email Wednesday to employees letting them know about the companies thirty five million dollar loss it left something out exactly what caused the ruckus United nurses and allied professionals union president Linda macdonald says that the thousands of hospital workers she represents found out later that layoffs were possible our members were naturally very upset when asked about job cuts during a phone interview with Eyewitness News lifespan C. E. O. Tim Babineaux said quote layoffs are always the last resort always that being said if that's what is required to get our financial performance back on track we will consider it if there is any talk of layoffs at the level of bedside care givers we would fight that and we would absolutely not agree with it make Donald says that patient care would suffer as a result of layoffs at Rhode Island and Hasbro children's hospital where she believes staff are already stretched then and asked to do more with less two big reasons why a nurses strike was held last year macdonald believes cuts seem to happen at the top before any union members are hated pink slips this is an organization that hires consultants offer tens of millions of dollars and you know so I think their priorities once again need to be re directed lifespan also confirm that Rhode Island hospital president Dr Margaret man bring believe be leaving at the end of the month saying that her reason for leaving is a personal matter that they will not be commenting on according to I. R. S. filings band brie earned over one million dollars during life spans twenty seventeen fiscal year Robert Nisbet from Eyewitness News with that report Providence journal reporting this morning that domino pizza delivery driver was robbed at gunpoint on Tuesday night the driver thirty nine year old Isaac shark told police that he was delivering food from the chalk stone Avenue location to somebody named Josh on Goddard street when he arrived two men dressed in black approached him one of the men had a gun which he pointed at shore and the demand at all this money char handed over about twenty Bucks that he had in his pocket these people carry a lot of money the suspects fled behind Goddard streaking through the rear yard that's what police say some this poor domino's pizza delivery guy you know just trying to make a few Bucks the people they don't carry a lot of money and if that's the reason why so that I could be victims of a holder results of our poll question from yesterday to local school districts knee jerk when making snow cancellations you know for schools eighty percent of you said yeah they do well twenty percent of you said no mark said they do the kids are so pampered these days I get it keep our kids safe but L. it's the mindset that we are keeping our children shelter during the bubble so much that the they're all losing out on growing up becoming adults and hardening them up for life's down falls lives ups and downs Kerry said I don't understand the kids can't have snow days because of Chromebooks and they still can't figure out if they need to cancel because of snow talk about being stuck in an old way and modern technology at the same time Jim chimes in there's nothing wrong with being cautious if you cancel school then the worst thing that's going to happen is the kids have to make it up in June if you don't cancel school than the worst thing that can happen is somebody gets into an accident dies the choice is pretty clear to me Jeff said people complain regardless that's why they just do that in Victoria said if you lose if you do you lose if you don't that's true Victoria and Carlos she said that's what you get from a boat load of snow flakes so yes you think it's a knee jerk now eighty percent you know it's also it's a liability situation to let's face it so it's a lot on the line we did the story a little bit earlier Katie Mulvaney said a couple of gun rights advocates you're challenging the state law banning the sale in the possession of stun guns and tasers they say it's an infringement on our rights to bear arms under the second amendment all question today should Rhode islanders have the right to own stun guns were tasers you can log on to newsradio R. I. dot com yes you know one leave a comment please go to the Facebook page for the program as those people did yesterday and we appreciate that again you know it's not scientific we don't claim these polls of scientific in any way shape or form just a little grist where the conversational bill carpentry what's going on there apparently there's a group targeting unlock vehicles in a break in the scheme and here's Miley o'brien from Eyewitness News entry acting police captain Benjamin what tells Eyewitness News they are in contact with several municipal agencies including Rhode Island and Connecticut state police concerning a recent string of unlocked car break ins and thefts in western Coventry and surrounding towns Coventry police say they willing to the recent that's too young adults in the Hartford Connecticut area over the weekend of November thirtieth Coventry police to lie witness news between three and four AM three cars were gone through on Plainfield pike three cars were stolen and three cars were gone through in the area of Louis farm road and Waterman hill road two of those cars were recovered in the Hartford area captain wit says similar crimes also occurring in Burnsville west Greenwich foster in Scituate and the police departments are working together as Coventry police continue their investigation and to use extra patrols they've adopted the nine PM routine a public awareness campaign hoping the public will remember to remove valuables.

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