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Under vedeno direction jane agreed to shed more clothing onscreen than she had before appearing on camera in abhran panties after filming the demon jane fled paris for central pay and it was in that beechy paradise where jane had an unlikely initial political awakening back in the state's congress had just passed the gulf of tonkin resolution which gave president lyndon johnson authorization to bomb north vietnam even on vacation jane's french lover and friends were paying attention to this news at at horrified them jane had never been an avid follower of the political news and she didn't totally understand what was happening in vietnam but now she started paying attention when this summer was over jane bought a farmhouse outside of paris for her in vedeno to livein jane threw herself into restoring the house supervising workers intending to the many animals that she and vedeno surrounded themselves with which included four cats five dogs and of course his kids male drinking buddies and exwives the work on the house would stretch over the course of three years shortly after they move den david lean contacted jane and offered her the part of lara and dr zhivago she turned it down because she didn't want to leave the work on the house or leave the deemed to his own devices but then a few months later jane was offered another movie a post modern western called cat balu vedeno told her she should do this one and he would come with her soon after the shoot there i found collaboration circle of love was released on the state's by then the film had opened all over europe were was received more or less positively and it's tasteful sexuality caused new controversy so jane was shocked to arrive in new york and find that a broadway movie theater owner had posted a billboard featuring an illustration of a naked jane fonda lying on her stomach and rumble cheats jane was shocked at this exploitation of her body not least because the billboard didn't represent an actual scene in the film in what she never got fully nude jane filed a lawsuit against the theater.

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