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Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Ethan Hawke discussed on Piecing It Together Podcast


Him but as the movie goes on and he begins getting tied to an external conflict lead which in this case is father up you see that he starts change. He starts to become a little more anxious. He starts to get a little more irritated. He it makes it a point that it becomes really tough for him at least in his mind to deal what with everything that's going on in this mission that he has if you look at the character that's being played by Ethan Hawke. He's presented with a situation that he can't ignore. It's it's driving him crazy pretty much and that's what happens with Brad Pitt's to a lesser extent but I think thank those similarities between those two main characters. How at the beginning of the film they're both calm. They're both you know. They know what they are and they know what they do. Do they handle their situations day to day but when something changes them or something comes in conflict with them how they begin to that change change and they begin to become anxious characters they begin to you know. WanNa ask questions or they just get stressed out by what's going on around them. So that's what I found pretty fascinating with the two of them. I find it interesting that it's not so much the things that happened to them that are adding to their the stress and anxiety but it's the asking of questions. It's the not not going along with with the plan in and thinking for themselves about like you know is is this ray. What are we doing the right things and that's what really drives them. You know starts to drive them a little crazy and of course more so I reformed armed but I love that you brought to eight twenty four movies to this conversation so eh well okay so my next puzzle piece. I am going to go with a movie. That's probably a little too recent to truly truly have been an inspiration but I'm going to bring it up anyway and that is I man but I mean I think it's just such a clear. you know a clear parallel here between these two movies of to move to movies that deal with just the psychological effects of space east travel and the isolation of space travel and you know the disconnect that creates with family and with just you know a regular life on earth and I you know we did an episode on. I man when it first came out and I will say I did not really love. I man I. I guess I went into it wanting wanting a more traditional just big. You know like an Apollo third. Yeah yeah something like that and I I was like really so it's going to be this but I think that when you're dealing with something fictional like ad Astra and something that that you know take some interesting approaches to the I two that idea. I think works a lot better. I guess I'm still waiting for for the Real Neil Armstrong Armstrong movie but but I I know a lot of people disagree with me though Yeah we actually did an episode on I man and it was the three of us and two of the three did not like I man because of the way it goes. It's not a traditional going to to space in seeing how ROKA's person as or you know or you know a very triumphant score when they land on the moon you know not stuff like fat but I will say that this movie and I man do have in common like you were saying about the psychological effects of space space but also how these two characters are pretty similar in terms of how focused they are and how nothing else matters except for we need to go to space or I need to do this mission. I think there's some similarities between the two characters. You know. It's funny when you say that because I love Ryan Gosling as an actor. I love Brad pity actor but and you're absolutely right they have. They're very similar and they're driven. NECE in there you know they're kind of disconnect from other other people and yet for whatever reason I'd like Brad Pitt's character so much more like I could just watch him and root for him. I guess in in a way you know and I just I'm so much more so much more into watching watching him. Go about whatever it is. His story is is going to be that. I was watching Ryan Gosling. I just as I watched that version of this kind of a character. I'm like get it together man in Italy here you on that but yeah well. It's not it's not hard to basically look at Brad Pitt for for two hours. Yes that's actually pretty good looking guys no question there well. What do you got for your next one all right this the final one that I have and so it is interstellar I think the parallels I think are just a little too obvious not not to mention them. number one is the way space is portrayed in in both of these movies. I think both of them take a very interesting interesting and I would say cool approach to how they design their space exploration whether it's designer the ships are the the actual special effects of the movie and how they use them to design their vision of space. I think they're both interesting and very meanwhile done but more importantly I think the other main point you could pull from both movies is the parent child relationships between the main characters in interstellar yet. Matthew mcconaughey character with his daughter who eventually is played by Jessica chastain. There is that sense of abandonment went from the child towards their parent that the mission that they went on was more important than them on earth and that's exactly what Brad Pitt's character deals with Tommy Lee Jones Tommy Lee Jones was so caught up with the mission and going out that he abandoned in his family and his and his son just as Matthew mcconaughey abandoned his daughter and his also his son as well and I found that to be the strongest point between these two movies and how similar they are in that aspect. I like it. I like it and you know it's funny. I've seen people bull on twitter on film twitter which we all know film twitter's just the worst but I've seen people try to say that there is no comparison between in the two movies that they they're not alike in any way I think they absolutely are alike in quite a few ways like what you were just talking about right there. I mean using a space travel. You know adventure basically for the purpose of dealing with people's emotions rather than some kind of you've you know plot driven goal or something like that. I think there is definitely parallels between interstellar in this movie. Yeah I find it interesting. When people say there isn't some type of like relationship board? They're not similar because it's almost a little too obvious yes how similar the aspect. I completely agree completely agree well. I only have one more puzzle pieces well so ah I told you before we started recording this kind of silly so I don't really think of it as an inspiration just a observation but but I should I should preface by saying I didn't mind this scene at all in either movie but when Brad Pitt flies through space piece I was. I was reminded of Princess Leia in the last Jedi that Sean's hated so much and I was that was cool. I mean come on. I I love last. I don't care what anyone says so do. I that Oh my God I love that movie so much and don't we're both gonNA negate for them. I'm sure we will and I don't give a damn. Johnson rules all right well. I'm going to do the finished puzzle and then we'll get into any he closing thoughts that we had on this movie so we've got X. McKenna total recall goodfellas event Horizon Mad Ed Max Fury Road Lost City of Z. I reformed I man interstellar and the last Jedi so great list of movies here you know really a wide ranging list of movies but quite a few that deal with space and you know all that kind of stuff because I mean come on of course that's bound to happen but it definitely definitely goes into a lot of different other directions as well Do you have any any closing thoughts about Ad Astra Astra. I recommend anyone who enjoys space movies. Just give it a shot. I think that you will be better off off than the worse off unless you really hate space movies but I think there is.

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