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Is no code. I've never been handed a copy of the code. I don't know what it is and you play in a long time by the way with some tough dudes. Yes you feel the code like there's a sense of what it is but there is no code there are no. There is no handbook and so the people that are arguing about it online and make lots of noise about it. They know even less about it than i do because they weren't there and they've never been there now. I understand the emotionality of the response. Ettler hit was bad and he got suspended and toronto's not happy because they lose zach hyman and their their guy is hurt so they're looking for retribution. If if the league doesn't want that to happen. The only way i can think it can happen is to make the suspension in her directly involved with the team that that incident happens. So of alexander gets two games or four games in a normal season. He would edward got two games. The next two games have been against somebody else at toronto doesn't get any any satisfaction from that the cannot slough would lose adler four games against chicago and pittsburgh or whoever it was if it's against toronto. Maybe that matters a little more. Because i cannot be more clear on this what i think. The code is what A player today thinks the code is a player on another team of today. Thinks the code is is all different. Yeah it's different because there is no written down of this has to happen. Do you think you should have skated away. Do you think alexander should have just said look. I'm not fighting. you don't need to fight you. i. I served my two game suspension buzz Yes but it's easy to say. Because i'm sitting here on my coach when you're in that moment you feel this unwritten code like you feel it again and so he probably felt well first of all he probably looked up and saw wayne simmons and went off for crying out not him. Yeah because simmons could really do a number on and to simmons credit. I think there was a point there where he kind of thought in the fight. I mean i could be wrong. But i thought in the fight simmons what that's enough and any stopped like he could've kept going and he did. He's clear he's fighting a guy that doesn't fight. I think ever felt. I have to take this fight. I i think it's wrong as i sit here as long retired blair but in the game. It's different it it just is. I wish i wish i could explain it. I wish i could explain it more clearly. But that's when you're in it. It's different than when you're viewing it from the perch which we do we. We all do it media in general. Of course the other thing that was a head scratcher me was the suggestion that okay well if there needs to be a fight than needs to be someone other than wayne simmons. It needs to be closer to alec sadler non fighter. Well i mean who does that. Is it like ilya mckay of like. Are we going to be happy. Just somebody some random. Toronto maple leaf fighting alexander in honor of of zakheim and that doesn't make any sense to me either. It doesn't and here's another reason why it doesn't because then people are going to look at wayne simmons and say. Why didn't you address this hunter percent and so what wayne supposed to go out and say while he's not really in my weight class and these four guy like it doesn't work like that it's.

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