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This episode takes us behind the scenes of director Rawson Marshall Thurbers new action drama. Skyscraper re teaming with his Central Intelligence star, Dwayne Johnson. Mr.. Thurbers film tells the story of Wilson hire a former FBI hostage rescue team leader and US war veteran who now assess the security for skyscrapers. When the tallest building in the world is set ablaze will find himself framed for the crime of arson. Now he must use all his skills to both clear his name and rescue his family were trapped inside the burning structure in addition to skyscraper and Central Intelligence. Mr.. Thurbers credits also include the feature films dodgeball, a true underdog story, the mysteries of Pittsburgh, and we're the millers. The pilot episode of the series, Ryan Hansen solves crimes on television and episodes of the series. The loop and Mary me following a recent screening of the film at the g. eight theater in Los Angeles. Mr. Thurbers spoke director, Joe Carnahan about films skyscraper during their discussion. Mr. talks about how he convinced Wayne Johnson to the the movie navigating the summertime, blockbuster landscape as a writer director, and the opportunities opened up by setting the film in Hong Kong. How about that little? How about that quiet? Little indie drama. Fantastic. I really love this show. I mean, I really dug it how many people out there like this film quite a bit. I was great. Thank you. Thank you. I'm going to call my mom real quick and it is one more time. So let's just leap right in your brother. My first question you how many writer directors do we have out here tonight? There you go on. Good on. We were small fraternity, small yet, powerful returning talk about where the idea came from and was it a pitch? Did you spec it? How did that out of that process work? Sure. I was finishing up central intelligent, which was my movie before this. It was Kevin Hart, Dwayne, Johnson action, comedy. I was cutting it and I don't think anybody can be sick of a movie more than its own director. You're just like anything. I work on anything else, and I went and saw creed. I went and saw Ryan Kugler creed and I loved it. Thought so great reminded me of how Hubbard Stallone is and was, and I went on this sort of Stallone binge. I watched all of his movies. You and rhinestone washed them all while no commitment Stallone cannon right there. And then and then I watched. I watched this running Harlan picture called cliffhanger, which is a early nineties film that I just loved than love now and had this great cold open where the hero fails, right? So stolen like Rocky Mountain ranger, and he like goes out onto a wire over ravine to save a girl who's dang, literally damsel in distress. Roofers AS Roma's, Michael. Yeah. Yeah, and he tries to she's falling. He tries to hold onto her and she says, don't drop me in stolen big vani arms or bulging her leather gloves slips through his hand, and she falls to her death, and that's movie opens any. It's just so cool as hell. Man, I haven't seen that in a long time where there's a cold open where the hero fails and the narrative that follows his journey of him, sort of healing exercising that demon, he's haunted by this opening failure. And then the story that follows thing that redeems him heals him. And I just thought that was a really cool thing that I hadn't seen done well in a while. Right. So that was the very initial spark. And then as we were cutting, I would tinker with ideas and I kept coming into my editors room, Mike sale, cutting central and cut this movie with Julian Clarke tastic they both are, and, and then I think this happens and then I think this happens and you know, just sort of piecing together..

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