Kennedy, Donald Trump, Helsinki discussed on The Andrew Klavan Show


The room as if kennedy's retirement were cross between a jewish wedding and the mama mia sequel the other news is the donald trump has agreed to july sixteenth meeting in helsinki with president about vladimir putin of russia hearing of the meeting special counsel robert muller jumped excitedly from his chair and cried quote a ha at last i have proof that trump is colluding with the russians unquote he then ordered a raid on the white house surrounding the rose garden with g men carrying tommy guns who shouted at president trump that he was surrounded and should come out with his hands up when someone explained to muller that it was legal for trump to meet with putin was actually just normal oh foreign policy muller responded quote well then i guess this raid was pretty stupid and i should get back to spending millions of taxpayer dollars investigating things that never happened and charging people with crimes that wouldn't have existed if i hadn't been investigating them for no reason in the first place unquote president trump says that he's looking forward to the helsinki meeting with putin so they can discuss putin's plans for throwing the midterms decay oss trigger warning andrew klavan and this is the andrew klavan show also say thompson these so all right the cleveland weekend is upon us already hard to believe this week has been so packed with news just went flying by but we have george weigel today great interview with george weigel a catholic intellectual who will discuss what went wrong with the west really really interesting guy very eloquent very intelligent there's catholic can is you know they have this two thousand years of tradition weighing on it lifts them up unless it's knowles and then he just drags.

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