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Over and they tried to take my brother's eyesight which i've said before is Guys is you cannot get back right so we've got brett sawyer on commentary with and of course the mass is going to start here and i don't expect that this will be a long bout But i've always been fascinated by the the way used to build heat with this type of situation where you've got a guy who you're essentially in a blood feud with and he's doing commentary just a few feet away from you in a studio how do you. How do you make that believable. Where man. I hate this guy but boy. I can't wait to get my hands on him. he's well he's about ten feet away from me. Well the the rules and the laws and the regulations that govern not only their company or work for nwea but turner broadcast. He has rules. And you can't just come out and interrupt everything. Anytime you want was was the idea that you had to. You know if you're on a promo guys in the rain for the most part you got to be a professional and not get involved in it of course. We know that from time to time that it's not the case. Well let's take a listen here you've just Picked up the win with the gourd. Buster and Well this things to pick up a win over. Larry clark He is very cocky. Here aren't adversaries now. Lawyers here and here comes the winner. The match on anderson duro know something. Did you out here. Looking pretty and cute cheeks were worn out. Where's one mellon Taking shower yeah if you smell his breath lamie showing the breakfast little bit too. Where's yeah that's what. I thought.

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