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Make their final remarks on the floor at four PM the court of impeachment reconvenes with Chief Justice John Roberts presiding over the historic vote of the two articles of impeachment boxes Lucas Tomlinson America is listening to fox news now W. away I'd local news of Corpus Christi police officer has died after being hit by a vehicle during a traffic stop on state highway three fifty eight last night officials say three police units were parked beside the road when a passing vehicle hit one of the police units killing one and injuring another officer who said to be in stable condition no names have been released although police say the officer who died was a seven year veteran of the force arson is not suspected in last Friday's deadly explosion at a Houston manufacturing plants the ATF says the blast was caused by a malfunction in the electrical system combined with the probably leak two people were killed and hundreds of homes and buildings damaged for more news listen to the daily dive the big news stories explained not shouted listen to the daily dive each day on the I heart radio app or wherever you get your favorite podcasts I'm Margot Moreno from the W. away I traffic center what's the road work to keep this is it this weekend over to the northwest side of town the eastbound side of I ten between welfare in forty states Perot is completely shut down if you take the frontage road to get back onto the freeway from Bernie stage keep in mind both sides Bernie stated I ten are close as well and as you travel eastbound on sixteen oh four we're seeing heavy stopping the traffic between brown and house man causing a five to ten minute delay I'm headed Sampson newsradio twelve hundred W. away I this report is sponsored by thinking up I am the terrorists and I'm here to tell you about think it up a new initiative to activate student power.

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