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From also ran contender that used to be in to a rebuilding team that's a really hard place to be well here is the two thousand nineteen so I think maybe that's where the bagels are proof that you have to work with we get better with your graphics we seem bangles do this before how much of what your thinking has to do with the new coaching staff and moment virtually new coaching staff and and philosophy what there is that we we don't know what we're gonna be quite yet we're not sure if this is gonna be a crossroads Randy Dalton Reid family after a rough start to kind of look pretty good in terms of being aggressive and confident from the ball so if there's a little bit of upside there with family overall don't miss Cruz is necessarily haven't all these kind of a feeling and you know what you're gonna get from them burger and it but you look at now and you have no ETA green are you that how do you deal with that I mean your other receivers and step to the point where he Willis young feared needing to be in the starting lineup so I think that's a concern here where the often go position players and then you have your first round pick really crisis on the bench the new offer so I mean all these things are concerning up front the weapon I don't know but you actin we're gonna have everything he needs to be successful right away well I'm offensively they've got a good arena football team right I mean they've got wide receivers they've got a quarterback who can throw the ball and they've got a running back who can catch and run into all the things that great running backs need to do but it is the lie that's it right I mean when your first round pick from twenty eighteen can't make the starting lineup when your best and most versatile offensive lineman decides to retire and your first round draft pick is done for the year before the year even starts I mean there's the headline you very you and I have a guy I've had this discussion before if you cannot control the line of scrimmage you cannot win football games I just don't see an offense of line it's going to control the line of scrimmage yeah Miller concern and the I think the bigger concern is that they've actually work dresses I think that would work in their favor either so it was hard to rebuild from that time they had we had to enter with work and Kevin Feige learn all those familiar names there up front and was the big reason for why this team was winning a lot of games and a consistent playoff teams so yeah that is the point concerning the you look in the other I also learned how the old up of mark those would be concerned down the stretch last year the front Sir everything honestly if you don't have enough used up there you're not gonna stop anyone in Iraq will be able to keep up and having said what you just said the defense of wind seems to be one of the strengths of this team of course all things relative I do think there is someone on this team that has the ability to be a superstar and if he comes back healthy I'm almost convinced it's going to happen Carl Lawson great great edge rushing potential a we got a taste of it before he blew his knee out I I'm com I'll I kinda like him and if Atkins can get back to the Atkins form we know Dunlap still is relatively young I mean they could they could on defense be a little bit better than what they were last year and that's not hard because last year they were horrendous what were your thoughts your are you okay the bangles and very similar to the Viking the light scent that they've got a lot of bodies there because that put together there's some production but how does it all come together are they going to get much support from the back and they create some pressure they're gonna be some turnovers created other linebackers gonna give them anything this year to really help that was a major weakness and if the Russian passer but teams are exploring your life backers of coverage you don't have quarterbacks out there hanging around to be sacked one of our concerns with every level of everything has impacted the next level and we know that it's like the offense of line you got to protect your quarterback to get everything else the motion same thing you gotta get will support from the back and to really make what you what they are many are sportingnews dot com our guest you're on seven hundred W. L. W. are you all in all the Browns this year in the AFC north hello all I am somewhat because like I did put them to win the division but I don't think they're going to run away with it here you can order the raven to continue reinvent themselves that respect some regression because they lost quite a bit defensively only made up with that with the oral comments you lose a lot of your life back record and you lose your cornerback McNichol situation for awhile but that's gonna hurt your team will be dropped members of the ravens defense and are you look around and there's still some quick question marks that he has an offer like bush mark yeah we will use the if the defense miles Gerd is a great player but or other things going to fall in place around him really for some off the Steelers I think why there's a late lead core the Steelers with the vision everyone trusts may know Mike Tomlin but rocky burger what they're all about the C. W. bush they know Jesus Manchester thank you for being with team that knows how to win and been there and I think that's why you get the lead while the Browns are still learning how to win it all together yeah I think that's probably nails it I mean the Browns are the Browns until proven otherwise and I I agree with you on the Steelers they're just they're just solid house money there's no question about it but I really think the X. factor in this entire division of every team and all players is Lamar Jackson and I want to see if Jackson is the guy that played the way he did late in last season when he got into the playoffs I want to see if his downfield reads and throws her better I mean I think he could be the most in not Baker may feel I think Jackson could be the most intriguing player in this conference there's this division this year yeah the most underrated cry often supported changing the NFL's Greg Roman if you look at a mark Jackson but look at the Greg Roman as work with you got the best of terra Taylor japonais larger acting has all these great big arm to crowd out he'll only get the opportunity at leasing athleticism so the great Roman can match that well with traditional running game you're marking room now the justice still I think that puts this running game at a different level so they've got different changes of speed that their reliability to furnish Dr that they didn't have Mister it last season so that's good the often to line so strong and the receiving corps that would be the question mark or the guys young guys parties Brownlow weekend someone else going to step up and help them because yeah they want to push the ball down.

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