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I just found playing the northwestern Damon and wasn't all that impressed. I'm not impressed by a lot of players. Expressing excitement. I mean, of course, they could do that. But my bigger concern is that Ryan Pace, I think is the biggest problem for the Paris is now going to be stuck with us for the next couple of years, because at the end of this year, they're going to say The justice field systems more time to development or how he plays to patrol the judge Ryan Pace. And even if the Bears are terrible this year, they want to get rid of Ryan. Pace. No good. Jim Canada is gonna want to come in. We had a first Huh? We got disconnected there. Well, okay, So you have to understand that even before the pick of Justin Fields yesterday, Ryan Pace and magnetic you probably is gonna be here for another year at the minimum, but mostly, maybe two or three years. Absolutely, just basically base everything that you mean when? When George says all the time. Ryan and Matt are our football. Guys. That means the day they weren't going anywhere anyway. Despite feels being drafted No. One. I didn't hear anyone saying either one of George or Ted say, well for not a playoff team next year. They're out the door, they said. We need to see improvement. Well, that's a pretty broad thing to define. Improvement right. Eight. Nate last year backed into the playoffs, so you go. You know, you have a plus one or two in the win column this year That's improvement. They were going anywhere. So the fact that they were here You had a root for them to do the best job possible yesterday and for them to be allowed to make the big move yesterday, and they were they did, and they were allowed to do the best job Yesterday. We knew the issues with the bears with their finances. We know the issues on the offensive line. We know the issues of a lot of people not being in the same camp of Ryan Pace and mad, Maggie. I totally good. All that Brian gets all that. But the bottom line is is that that does not cloud what the Bears did in the draft. Yesterday..

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